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When was the Constitutional Convention opened?

May 25, 1787

What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention?

to revise the articles of confederation.

Were any of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention also part of those who signed the Declaration of Independence?

yes people including begimin franklin.

Who was elected president of the Constitutional Convention? ***

Gearge Washintion.

What did Alexander Hamilton think about the Articles of Confederation?

He despised them.

Why was James Madison considered the best-prepared delegate to the Constitutional Convention?

HE copied down all of the notes at the metings.

Who is often called the "Father of the Constitution?"

James Maddison.

Why did the delegates to the convention decide to keep their debates secret? ***

so that they could say what they wanted to say and just speak freely without interuption.

Instead of revising the Articles of Confederation what did the delegates decide to do?

They wrote a new constitution.

Describe the Virginia Plan?

It had three branches of government. The larger states would have more representatives than the smaller ones.

Describe the New Jersey Plan?

they have three branches and each ledgislater had one vote each.

What is a compromise?

it is a settlement in wich each side gives up some of its demands on order to reach an agreement.

What was the Great Compromise?

It was when the agreement between the small and large states where compramised.

Who was the author of the Great Compromise?

Roger sherman.

Why did the Northern and Southern States have to compromise? ***

so they where happy.

What was the Three-Fifths Compromise?

it was about slaves.

Describe the disagreement over the slave trade.

southeners wanted slaves.

Name some of the difficulties facing the members of the Constitutional Convention?

slaves, smaller and big states.

When was the Constitution signed?

septemember 17,1787

What are the opening words of the Constitution?

We are the peopel of the united states in order to form a more perfect union.

Did all the members of the Constitutional Convention sign the Constitution?

No all of them but three.

When would the new Constitution go into effect?

ONce nine states endorced it.

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