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  1. lateral rotation aka external
  2. carp-
  3. Osteoblast
  4. myel-
  5. adduction
  1. a movement around the central axis away from the midline
  2. b movement toward the midline
  3. c Bone forming cell
  4. d spinal cord, bone marrow
  5. e wrist

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  1. The force is between the axis and the resistance
  2. A freely moveable joint
  3. palms facing down or back
  4. The shaft of a long bone
  5. movement of the scapula so that the glenoid fossa points up

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  1. acetabul-little cup


  2. radial deviationdeviating the hand toward the thumb side


  3. eversionsole of the foot moves toward the midline


  4. -tionact or process of


  5. artic-make