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  1. lateral rotation aka external
  2. Intramembranous ossification
  3. abduction
  4. depression
  5. -poie-
  1. a making
  2. b movement around the central axis away from the midline
  3. c scapula moving down
  4. d movement away from the midline
  5. e method of bone formation

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  1. spinal cord, bone marrow
  2. The shaft of a long bone
  3. Increasing the angle of a joint
  4. stiff, crooked
  5. bone

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  1. corac-beak


  2. Epiphyseal plateThe cartilaginous plate between the epiphysis and diaphysis responsible for lengthwise growth


  3. downward rotationmovement of the scapula so that the glenoid fossa faces down


  4. spondyl-tooth


  5. -fic-make