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  1. -clast-
  2. Osteocyte
  3. adduction
  4. kyph-
  5. pronation - forearm
  1. a palms facing down or back
  2. b Mature bone cell
  3. c to break
  4. d movement toward the midline
  5. e hump

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  1. A slightly moveable joint
  2. movement of the scapula away from the midline
  3. Cell that destroys or resorbs bone tissue
  4. scapula moving down
  5. Structural unit of a bone: haversian system

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  1. inversionscapula moving down


  2. -oidmaking


  3. EpiphysisThe shaft of a long bone


  4. rotationmovement of the scapula away from the midline


  5. elevationscapula moving up


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