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  1. retraction
  2. carp-
  3. -tion
  4. second- class lever
  5. extension
  1. a movement of the scapula toward the midline
  2. b The resistance is between the axis and the force
  3. c act or process of
  4. d wrist
  5. e Increasing the angle of a joint

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  1. together
  2. to break
  3. palms facing up or forward
  4. circular movement at a ball and socket joint that created a cone shape: its a combination of adduction, abduction, medial and lateral rotation, flexion and rotation
  5. heels down pulling the top of foot toward the tibia

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  1. sacr-together


  2. Epiphyseal plateThe end of a long bone


  3. upward rotationdeviating the hand toward the pinky


  4. plantar flexiontoes down, heel up


  5. third- class leverThe force is between the axis and the resistance