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  1. burs-
  2. oste-, oss-
  3. -poie-
  4. odont-
  5. first- class lever
  1. a The axis is between the force and the resistance
  2. b pouch
  3. c bone
  4. d tooth
  5. e making

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  1. The end of a long bone
  2. hump
  3. to form, sprout
  4. Method of bone formation in which the cartilage is replaced by bone
  5. A slightly moveable joint

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  1. protractionmovement of the scapula toward the midline


  2. ulna deviationdeviating the hand toward the pinky


  3. dorsiflexionheels down pulling the top of foot toward the tibia


  4. pronation- footforefoot is inverted, rear foot is everted


  5. carp-wrist