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Questions covering participles, gerunds, infinitives, and appositives.


a type of verb that acts as an adjective


a type of verb that acts as a noun


the noun or pronoun placed after another noun or pronoun to identify, rename, or explain the preceeding word


a type of verb that comes after the word to and acts as a noun, adjective, or adverb


To Whistle is difficult for some people.

gerund phrase

He helped the police by telling about his experience.

participial phrase

The diner, chewing rapidly, called for a waiter.

appositive phrase

The antique car, a Studebaker, is worth thousands of dollars.


Troubled, she asked for advice.


Michael enjoys painting.


It will be important listen.


Using trees as lumber is an important part of the New Mexican economy


As soon as she gets home, she hopes to write.


The waiter, eating his lunch, did not respond.


The racing car crashed into the wall.

participial phrase

Chewing rapidly, the young woman called for the waiter.

gerund phrase

One of her favorite things things to do is making jewelry.

infinitive phrase

His dream has always been to travel.


Not all Scottish people are interested in wearing kilts.


Additional oil reserves, hiding in the southeast, were also found in the 1920s.

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