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Governed Internally by foreign power. Direct Control. Examples: Somaliland in East Africa, French colonies like Somaliland and Vietnam, US under English control, German colonies like German East Africa, and Portuguese colonies like Angola.


Has it's own internal government, but under control of another country. Indirect Control. Examples: British established protectorates over Nigher River Delta, British protectorates such as Nigeria, India and Burma, and US protectorates on Pacific Islands.

Sphere of Influence

Another country has exclusive control of production on certain products. A monopoly. Examples: Liberia rubber production under US control.

Economic Imperialism

Company controls a less developed country.

Direct Control

Foreign officials brought in to rule, no self rule, goal: assimilation, government institutions are based only on European styles. Colony.

Indirect Control

Local officials ruled, limited self-rule, Goal: to develop future leaders, Government institutions are based on European styles but may have local rules.

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