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7th Grade Constitution Practice Test . . .

The President May Serve How Many Terms?


What Do The Stars On The U.S Flag Stand For?

The States

How Many Amendments Have Been Added To The Constitution?


What Is The Age Requirement To Become President?


How Many Years Is The Presidents Term In Office?


After A Bill Has Gone Through Both Houses Of Congress Successfully , Where Is It Then Sent To?

The President

Which Amendment Explains The President May Serve Only 2 Terms?

The 22nd

How Many Senators From Each State?


Each State Receives At Least ___ Representatives In The U.S H.O.R


Who Has Veto Power?

The President

The President Of The Senate Is ...

The Vice President

What Are The Unalienable Rights From The Declaration Of Independence?

Life , Liberty , & Pursuit Of Happiness

The Declaration Was Largely Written By . . .

Thomas Jefferson

The United States Budget Is Presented By . . .

The President

There Are How Many Branches Of Government?


When Does The President Take Oath Of Office?

January 20th

In The First Amendment , What Are The Freedoms?

Petition , Religion , Press , Speech , Assembly

The Vote Of What Group Really Decides Who Will Be Our President?

Electoral College

What Is Described In Article 1 Section 8?

The Elastic Clause

What Body Has The Power To Raise , Borrow , And Coin Money?


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