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  1. positive reinforcement
  2. spontaneous recovery
  3. unconditioned response (UCR)
  4. stimulus discrimination
  5. acquisition
  1. a an unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioning
  2. b occurs when a response is strengthened because it is followed by the presentation of a rewarding stimulus
  3. c occurs when an organism that has learned a response to a specific stimulus does not respond in the same way to new stimuli that are similar to the original stimulus
  4. d the reappearance of an extinguished response after a period of nonexposure to the conditioned stimulus
  5. e the initial stage of learning something

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  1. a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of previous conditioning
  2. events that are inherently reinforcing because they satisfy biological needs; food, water, warmth, sex, affection
  3. in which a conditioned stimulus functions as if it were an unconditioned stimulus
  4. the reinforcement of closer and closer approximations of a desired response
  5. the reinforcer is given for the first response that occurs after a fixed time interval has elapsed; a rat in reinforced for the first lever press after a two minute interval has elapsed and then must wait two minutes before recieving the next reinforcement; students can earn grades by taking exams every three weeks

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  1. reinforcement contingenciesthe circumstances or roles that determine whether responses lead to the presentation of reinforcers


  2. emitany presentation of a stimulus or pair of stimuli


  3. reinforcementoccurs when an event following a response increases an organisms tendency to make that response; a response in strengthened because it leads to rewarding consequences


  4. generalizationresponding to a new stimulus as if it were the original


  5. punishmentoccurs when an event following a response weakens the tendency to make that response; when rat presses lever, it receives a shock