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  1. fixed ratio (FR) schedule
  2. latent learning
  3. observational learning
  4. negative reinforcement
  5. unconditioned response (UCR)
  1. a occurs when an organisms responding is influenced bu the observation of others who are called models
  2. b occurs when a response is strengthened because it is followed by the removal of an aversive (unpleasant) stimulus
  3. c he reinforcer is given after a fixed number of nonreinforced responses; a rat reinforced every tenth lever press; a salesperson receives a bonus for every fourth set of golf clubs sold
  4. d learning that is not apparent from behavior when it first occurs
  5. e an unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioning

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  1. in which a conditioned stimulus functions as if it were an unconditioned stimulus
  2. occurs when an animals innate response tendencies interfere with conditioning processes
  3. a specific pattern of presentation of reinforcers over time
  4. a form of learning in which voluntary responses come to be controlled by their consequences; b.f. skinner
  5. occurs when a designated response in reinforced only some of the time

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  1. stimulus discriminationoccurs when an organism that has learned a response to a specific stimulus responds in the same way to new stimuli that are similar to the original stimulus; john b. watson


  2. extinctionthe initial stage of learning something


  3. generalizationresponding to a new stimulus as if it were the original


  4. cumulative recordercreates a graphic record of responding and reinforcement in a skinner box as a function of time


  5. resistance to extinctionoccurs when an organism continues to make a response after delivery of the reinforcer for it has been terminated


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