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  1. observational learning
  2. fixed ratio (FR) schedule
  3. trial
  4. latent learning
  5. conditioning
  1. a involves learning associations between events that occur in an organisms environment
  2. b he reinforcer is given after a fixed number of nonreinforced responses; a rat reinforced every tenth lever press; a salesperson receives a bonus for every fourth set of golf clubs sold
  3. c occurs when an organisms responding is influenced bu the observation of others who are called models
  4. d any presentation of a stimulus or pair of stimuli
  5. e learning that is not apparent from behavior when it first occurs

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  1. the reinforcement of closer and closer approximations of a desired response
  2. a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of previous conditioning
  3. irrational fears of specific objects or situations
  4. an unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without previous conditioning
  5. the reinforcer is given for the first response after a variable time interval has elapsed; the interval length varies around a predetermined average; a rat is reinforced for the first lever press after a minute interval has elapsed, but the following intervals are three minutes, two minutes, four minutes, etc. average is two minutes

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  1. extinctionthe initial stage of learning something


  2. stimulus generalizationoccurs when an organism that has learned a response to a specific stimulus responds in the same way to new stimuli that are similar to the original stimulus; john b. watson


  3. avoidance learningan organism acquires a response that decreases or ends some aversive stimulation


  4. reinforcementoccurs when an event following a response weakens the tendency to make that response; when rat presses lever, it receives a shock


  5. operant conditioninginvolves learning associations between events that occur in an organisms environment