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Collagen Fibers


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collagen fiber
strong, fibrous protein that functions as extracellular structural element in connective tissue
Dense irregular connective tissue membrane covering cartilage
Basic structural unit of compact bone
small pit or hollow cavity, as in bone or cartilage, where a cell or cells are located
A generic connective tissue cell that produces fibers; the progenitor of all other connective tissue cell types.
Unstructured semifluid substance that fills the space between cells in connective tissues or inside organelles.
elastic fiber
One of three types of fiber embedded in the matrix between cells of connective tissue. Smaller than collagen fibers, these allow tissues to stretch. Found in blood vessel walls and lung tissue.
ground substance
the unstructured material that fills the space between the cells and contains the fibers
mast cell
A connective tissue cell that produces heparin and histamine
connect the lacunae to each other and the central canal