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The Gospel of Mark

55-65 A.D.
When was Mark written?
Rome for Roman readers.
Mark's Audience and Place of Writing
Mark is a gospel of _______.
Gentiles; Jews
Mark is directed toward _______ rather than ______.
failures of the disciples
Mark makes extremely critical and harsh statements about the disciples. The _________ is repeatedly emphasized.
Parables of the Kingdom; Eschatological Discourse
Mark contains two discourses, _____________ (4) and the ___________ (13).
Jesus is the servant of the Lord who offers his life as a ransom for many.
Theme of Mark
Jesus' divine sonship and servanthood and a call to discipleship.
Purpose of Mark
1. He teaches with authority; 2. He casts out demons; 3. He heals Simon's mother-in-law; 4. He heals and casts out demons in Capernaum
A Sabbath day in the life of Jesus...
1. Jesus calms the Sea of Galilee; 2. Jesus heals a posessed man in Decapolis; 3. Jesus raises Jairus' daughter from the dead; 4. Jesus heals the woman with the hemorrage.
The four acts of power that demonstrate Jesus' authority...
The disciples were told not to talk about Jesus until they fully understood His purpose on earth.
The Messianic Secret