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SouthEast Asia and IndoChina-Dozier

What is the proper term for the mainland of Southeast Asia?
Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
What 3 Countries make up French Indochina? (Alpha order)
Which country in SE Asia was never a European Colony?
What is the official name for the country formerly called Burma?
Socialist Military Dictatorship
What type of government does Myanmar have?
Aung San Suu Kyi
Who is the leading figure in Myanmar's struggle to attain a democratic goverment?
He was executed.
What happened to Aung San Suu Kyi's father, the former Prime Minister of Myanmar?
What is the main rivver in Myanmar?
The Plain of Pagan
What is the name of Myanmar's historic and economic heartland (central area of the country)?
2200 Stupas sit on top of a major fault.
What cultural phenomenon is located in the Plain of Pagan?
Name the largest ethnic group in Myanmar.
Karen, Shan
Name two tribal groups in Myanmar that form the largest minorities.
Government Insurgencies
What is happening to the tribes of Myanmar today? (What are they involved in)
tree bark
What do people in Myanmar rub on their faces to make patterns?
What is the money in Myanmar called?
Great Britain
What European country controlled Myanmar until 1948?
Precious gems, gold, minerals, tin, and teak wood are all natural resources of what country?
In the 1950's, which former country used to be the number 1 exporter of rice?
Theravada Buddhism
What is the primary religion of Myanmar?
Theravada Buddhism
What is the basis for Myanmar's entire infrastructure?
What is located in Yangon, Myanmar?
Theravada Buddhism
What is the primary religion of Thailand?
What is the name for a temple in Thailand?
Wat Arun
What is known as the "Temple of Dawn"?
Thailand, Wat Pho
Where is the reclining Buddha located? In which wat?
Chao Praya
Which river flows through the heart of Thailand, and is the country's primary river?
What river border's Thailand's NE?
Along which river were Japanese concentration camps built?
Grand Palace
What is the name of the complex where Thailand's king lives?
Emerald Buddha
What famous Buddha is located in the Grand Palace?
Which country is the current biggest rice exporter?
Which country is the second biggest rice exporter?
What disease is a big problem in Thailand?
Jim Thompson
Who started the Thai silk Industry?
Which country is better off economically, Thailand or Malaysia?
What is Malaysia's primary religion?
Part of Malaysia is on the island of Borneo and part is on the Malay Peninsula.
What is physcially different about Malaysia and the rest of the countries in Indochina?
Malay Peninsula
Where does most of Malaysia's population live?
What is the largest ethnic group in Malaysia?
Chinese Malay
What is Malaysia's largest minority?
Indians and Pakistanis
What are some other minorities in Malaysia?
Bumiputra v. Indians and Chinese
In 1960 Malaysia, which two groups fought? (really 3, but 2 were pitted against 1)
New Economic Policy
What program was created in Malaysia to rectify racial inequalities?
To who did Malaysia's New Economic Policy give preference?
Did Malaysia's New Economic Policy work?
Chinese and Indians
In Malaysia, who owned a disprotortionate amount of the country's private weath, stores, etc.?
Dr. M
Who was PM of Malaysia from 1981-2003, and was extremely ruthless?
What is a hereditary Muslim leader known as?
Each Sultan leads each of the how many Malaysian States?
A Malaysian ruler is chosen from the sultans of the states every how many years?
rubber, tin, palm oil
In what 3 products does Malaysia qualify as one of the world's leaders?
Patronus Twin Towers
Which buildings serve as the HQ of Malaysia's Oil Company?
Kuala Lampur
Where in Malaysia are the Patronus Twin Towers located?
What is a village in Malaysia known as? (poor village, also located in other countries)
What has happened recently to Malaysia's economy?
computer chips
In the 1970's US and Japanese countries manufactured what in Malaysia that transformed Malaysia from an exporter of raw comodities to a chief exporter of semi conductors?
smoke cloud
In 1998, what decended upon Malaysia?
What is the most important River in Vietnam?
huge delta, fertile land, rice
What has the Mekong river created in the southeast section of Vietnam? (3 things)
What country dominated Vietnam for a thousand years 111 b.c. until the 10th century AD?
What European country controlled Vietnam from around 1900-1954?
Mahayana Buddhism and Catholicism
What are Vietnams primary religions?
Dien Bien Phu
What was the name of the battle in which Frence forces were defeated?
What year did Dien Bien Phu occur?
Ho Chi Minh
Which Vietnamese leader fought against France, and later on, against the US?
Who won against the French?
What was the name of the Vietnamese guerrilla forces that fought against the US forces?
Who did not allow free elections in Vietnam?
Tet Offensive
What battle changed the minds of many Americans about our involvement in Vietnam?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Which US president escalated the amount of US troops in Vietnam to over a half a million?
We see the light at the end of the tunnel
What famous quote did Lyndon B. Johnson say to the US to seem optimistic?
When was the Tet offensive?
New Year
What holiday was Tet to the Vietnamese?
Lieutenant Calley
Which US leader was in charge of the My Lai incident?
My Lai
What event happened in 1968, where a village of women, children, and eldery were killed?
What year did S. Vietnam fall to the communist forces?
Oil, timber, bauxite (aluminum). mang, coal, phosphates, and hydropower are all natural resources of what country?
black pepper, rice, timber, vanilla
What crops has Vietname become a leading producer in?
Does Vietnam have a high standard of living?
Communist/Totalitarian Dictatorship
What type of government does Vietnam have?
Cambodian Genocide
Why did Cambodia's population dop in the 1970's and 80's?
Khmer Rouge
What group controlled Cambodia from 75-79?
Pol Pot
Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge?
What was Cambodia's former name?
Constitutional Monarchy
What type of Goverment Govern's Cambodia today?
Hun Sen
Who is the current leader of Cambodia?
Angkor Wat
What is the name of the huge temple in Cambodia?
What is the only landlocked country in SE Asia?
What kind of goverment does Laos have?
How technologically developed is Laos?
What is the name of Laos's tribal people who helped the Americans in the Vietnam War?
Who did the communist Vietnamese persecute for befriending and helping the Americans during the Vietnam War?
war veterans
Who helped thousands of Hmong come to america?
Maha Muni
What famous Buddha is located in Myanmar?
Pacific Rim
The countries around the Pacific Ocean are known as what type of countries?
Ring of Fire
The Pacific Rim is also known as what?
volcanic activity
Why is the Pacific Rim also known as the Ring of Fire?
What ethnic group makes up 75% of the people in Singapore?
Malay and Indian
What are the largest minorities?
Mandarin, English, Malay
What are Singapore's offical languages? (3)
What is the primary religion of Singapore?
electronics, chemicals, insurance, banking, oil refining
What are Singapore's major industries?
Does Singapore have any significant natural resources?
location. stable and enlightened government, great work ethic
What 3 factors have led to Singapore's success?
How does Singapore rank economically in SE Asia?
guided democracy
What type of goverment does Singapore have?
Lee Kuan Yew
Who was Singapore's Founding Father and 1st PM?
Lee Hsien Loong
Who is Singapore's current PM?
What country was Singapore a part of prior to gaining "total" independance?
Where in Myanmar is the Maha Muni Located?
Where is no Chinese writing permitted?
Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
Who was the British Sea Captain who made Singapore a major port?
Internal Security Act
What gives the Government the right to arrest and detain individuals without trial and not tell them why they are arrested for a year in Singapore?
Why was the Internal Security Act created? (to get rid of who?)
Reclaimed land
How has Singampre increased its physical size?
What unites Brunei?
On what island is Brunei located?
Malaysia and Indonesia
What other coutnries besides Brunei occupy Borneo?
Which of the newset countries in SE Asia gained independance from Britain in 1984?
Which country in SE Asia has the smallest population?
Sultan of Brunei
Who rules Brunei?
Independant Sultanate
What type of goverment does Brunei has?
Rich dudes
What privides Brunei with such a high per capita GDP?
Roman Catholicism
What is the primary religion of Philippines?
What type of goverment does the Philippines have?
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Who is the current President of the Philippines?
Do the Philippines have a high Per Capita GDP?
What country is an archapelago made up of around 7,100 islands?
What is the Capital of the Philippines?
What island is Manila found on?
Which country was the Philippines a colony of for 350 years?
Spanish American War
After what war did the US gain possesion of the Phillippines?
Ferdinand Marcos
Which leader of the Philippines procalimed martial law in 1972?
Benigno S. Aquino
Who was Marcos's main opposition leader who in 1983 was assasinated?
Corazon Aquino
Who was the Philippines first woman leader?
Imelda Marcos
Who was Ferdinand Marcos's wife?
Corazon Aquino
Which Philippines leader was a brave person, but was not an effective leader because of a weak economy, widespread poverty, and communist/Muslim insurgensies?
Subic Bay Naval Station
US vacated their military presence in the Philippines at which Station in 1992?
Which SE Asian Country ranks 4th in world population?
Which country is the #1 oil producer in SE Asia, the largest archapelago, and the most populous Muslim country?
What type of goverment does Indonesia have?
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Who is the current president of Indonesia?
Who was Indonesia's first president?
President for Life
What was Sukarno named in 1963?
What are the spice islands called?
attempted military coup
What happened in Indonesia in 1965 that resulted with many Chinese Indonesians being killed, and the Fleeing of Sukarno?
Who became president of Indonesia in 1968, and became the second president?
What island do most of the population of Indonesia live on?
Who was known as the father of development, developed oil industry, and enhanced Indonesia's infrastructure?
Transmigration Program
What program did Suharto initiate that inculded slash and burn policies?
Wet Tropics
what type of climate does Indonesia have?
Slash and Burn
As a result of what did fires continue in Indonesia in 1997, causing smoke clouds to cover several countries?
What happened in 2004?
in 1998, Indonesia's economy fell and which leader resigned?
East Timor
What is the newest country in SE Asia?
Roman Catholicism
What is the primary religion of East Timor?
Portugal and Indonesia
Which countries controlled the island of Timor until the mid 20th century?
Aceh Region
What region of Indonesia has been known as the "Veranda of Mecca"?