Glencoe Health Chapter 5

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Complete Proteinscontain adequate amounts of all nine essential amino acids.Incomplete Proteinslack one or more of the essential amino acids.Lipida fatty substance that does not dissolve in water.Essential Fatty Acidsfatty acids that the body needs, but cannot produce.Saturated Fatty Acidholds all the hydrogen atoms it can.Unsaturated Fatty Acidhas at least one unsaturated bond - a place where hydrogen can be added to the molecule.Linoleican essential fatty acid that is need for growth and healthy skin.Cholesterola waxy lipidlike substance that circulates in blood.Vitaminscompounds that help regulate many vital body processes, including the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of other nutrients.Mineralssubstances that the body cannot manufacture but that are needed for forming healthy bones and teeth and for regulating many vital body processes.