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the osteon
concentric circular rings around the central canal; collagen fibers spiral around the lamella
Haversian Canal
the center of the osteon; contains blood vessels and a nerve
Volkmann's Canal
canal that run perpendicular to the haversian canal and connects osteons
small pockets occupied by osteocytes, regularly arranged between the lamellae
little channels that radiate through the matrix of lacuna; allow diffusion of nutrients and waste through gap junctions
unmineralized bone matrix
Concentric rings made up of groups of hollow tubes of bone matrix
cells found in bone along the periosteum and endosteum; give rise to osteoblasts and osteoclasts in response to a fracture or trauma
cuboidal shaped cells that form bone
mature bone cells that regulate calcium and occupy lacunae
giant cells with 50 or more nuclei; take bone apart
dermal ossification
produces dermal bones; mandible & clavicle; 3 main steps in this ossification
dermal ossification
in ___ ____, mesenchymal cells differentiate into osteoblasts which cluster, mineralize, and become ossification centers. Then bone grows outward trapping osteoblasts
endochondral ossification
the most common bone formation process, which involves the replacement of hyaline cartilage (developed by mesenchyme) with bone
reserve zone
small chondrocytes irregularly dispersed
proliferation zone
larger regularly arranged chondrocytes
hypertrophic zone
large chondrocytes arranged in columns; where growth of long bones occurs
resorption zone
where mineral content change occurs
ossification zone
a region of transformation from cartilage to bone
reserve proliferation hypertrophic resorption ossification
the 5 zones of the epiphyseal plate are ___, ___, ___, ___ and ___