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because dogs cant read

why does buck not read the newspaper


what is the yellow metal found in the Artic darkness

judge miller

who is bucks first owner


who kidnaps buck from his home


in what year does the story take place

being beaten with a club

what does buck experience for the first time with the man in the red sweater

french canadian men who got dogs to train to be in the snow and probably race

who are perrault and francois

they would strike and then leap away

explain how the husky dogs fought differently from most dogs and more like wolves

he remembers that back home it was for work horses

why is buck shocked when francois fastens straps and buckles on him

the angry one

what did the name sol-leks mean

he buried himself under the snow

why was buck unable to sleep and how did he solve the problem

pound and a half of sun dried salmon

what would buck eat for his daily rations

he had to adapt because he was hungry and not worry about someone else getting the blame

why was bucks ability to steal food viewed by the author in a positive way

because of the fierce conditions of trail life

why did the premordial beast continue to grow in buck

when buck came back spitz was in his warm nest that buck had made

what finally drove buck to attack spitz

the looked like skeletons if they didnt eat they would probably die

what made the dogs that invaded their camp look so terrifying and fierce

because it was an open frozen river waiting for one to fall through

why would the thirty mile river require six days of exhausting toil to cover

she had went mad and started attacking buck

why was francois forced to kill dolly

buck was exhausted from trying to break away from dolly

why did spitz decide this was the time to attack buck

they saw buck and him equal fighting for leadership and buck would also help them

why were the other dogs no longer afraid of spitz

they didnt have spitz anymore which meant no trouble

why did francois state that they would now be able to make good time

because buck wanted to be the lead dog and wouldnt go close to the men with the club

why did the two men have such a difficult time when they tried to harness buck to the sled

the river and buck at the front made it easier

why were they able to travel out faster on the thirty mile river than going in

a scotch half breed

who was bucks new owner in ch 4


what load were they pulling on the sled

he became really sick and hurt enought to the point he couldnt pull his sled so the scotch shot him

describe what happened to dave

twenty five pounds

how much weight had buck lost by the time they arrived in skagway

they had traveled 2500 miles in less than five months and had no time in between to recuperate

why were the dogs tired in the fifth chapter

it had a heavy load and the dogs were stuck down in the snow

why were the dogs unable to pull the sled in ch 5

to have half the load and twice the dogs

what advice were they given by the spectators that had watched the whole fiasco


how many new dogs did charles and hal purchase for the team


how many previous times had buck covered the distance between salt water and dawson

she insisted that she ride on the sled and not listen to the guys

what actions of mercedes slowed down the dog team so that they could no longer pull the sled

he witnessed the cruel punishment of the dogs

why did moisture come into john thorntons eyes

he would kill him

what did thornton threaten to do if hal continued his actions

the sled and all the dogs fell through except buck who thornton followed his traces

what tradgedy occured at the end of ch 5

he had froze his feet in the previous december

why was thornton limping slightly at the time he rescued buck

the raft to come carry them to dawson

what were thornton, buck, skeet, and nig waiting for

he saw the welfare of dogs as his children instead of a sense of duty

why was thornton an ideal master

he loved and respected him

why could buck never steal from john thornton

thorntons partners that arrived on the raft

who were hans and pete

pull a thousand pound load from a standing start

what did thornton claim buck could do

1200 dollars

how much money did the shookum bench king offer for buck

a fable gold mine near lost cabin

in ch 7 they took months seaching for what place

the howl of a timber wolf

what noise causes buck to spring from his sleep with a start

he kills some of them but the rest went into the forest saying he was an evil spirit

how does buck react with the yeehats

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