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Psychology Quiz 1

Weber's Law states that a just noticeable difference change in a stimulus magnitude is __________ the original stimulus magnitude.
texture gradient
The distance cue in which objects at greater distances appear to be smoother is _________.
The entire group of people or animals in which a researcher is interested is known as a __________________ ?
Positron Emission Tomography
Which brain-imaging method utilizes radioactive sugar to compile a color-coded image of the activity of the brain with lighter colors indicating more activity?
Taste buds are contained in the tongue's _________
Occipital Lobe
This section of the brain is located at the rear and bottom of each cerebral hemisphere and contains the visual centers of the brain
Which neurotransmitter is associated with the control of movement and sensation of pleasure and is linked to Parkinson's Disease and schizophrenia?
absolute threshold
The point at which a person can detect a stimulus 50 percent of the time it is presented is called the _________________.
Heroin addiction leads the body to produce too little or none of this neurotransmitter, resulting in a lack of protection against pain for the individual.
The ________________ is part of the brain that regulates the amount of fear, thirst, sexual drive, and aggression that we feel.
3 types of cones
The Young-Helmholtz theory of color vision assumes that:
is not an appropriate ethical consideration when conducting research with people
The dependent variable is the variable in an experiment that is manipulated by the experimenter.
The brain
If you burn your finger, your immediate reaction will probably involve all BUT which of the following?
The ____________ perspective focuses on memory, intelligence, perception, problem solving, and learning.
Our tendency to see objects as relatively stable and unchanging despite changing sensory information is called perceptual ________
type of psychological professional has a medical degree and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
If a researcher finds a positive correlation between two variables, she can conclude that one variable CAUSES another.
In psychology, there are four goals that aim to uncover the mysteries of human and animal behavior: description, explanation, prediction, and control.
used to describe systems of explaining human behavior that are not based on or consistent with scientific evidence and includes astrology, palmistry and graphology.
When groups of psychologists or other professionals look over a proposed research study and judge it according to its safety and consideration for the participants in the study, they are interested in the _________________ of the study?
motion parallax
While riding on a train, Joan notices that the trees and telephone poles close to the tracks seem to flash by, while the buildings, trees, and mountains that are farther away seem to move by more slowly. This phenomenon is called ____________.
The first known neurotransmitter was ______________, which stimulates muscles and helps in memory formation
Lab Observation
Professor Franklin is interested in the factors that affect the performance of rats who are learning to find their way through a complex maze. Every afternoon he gives each of his 50 rats ten trials in the maze, counting the number of wrong turns each rat makes on its way through the maze.
The experimental group is the group of subjects in an experiment who are not subjected to the independent variable and who may receive a placebo treatment.
how a wide range of frequencies is heard by the ear
The place theory and the frequency theory help to explain ______________.
a slow shift from cone vision to rod vision
Jason entered a dark movie theater from the bright sunlight. Which of the following was occurring in his retinal system?
The process whereby we receive information from the environment through our receptors
outward or overt actions and reactions.
Food flavor is a combo of taste, smell, sight, and texture
A spook house at a local carnival offered its potential patrons free admission if they would allow themselves to be blindfolded and then to eat raw worms. Although the were actually fed cold spaghetti, most of the customers believed they were swallowing real worms. What is the MOST plausible explanation for this finding?
chemical substances that block or reduce a cell's response to the action of other chemicals or neurotransmitters
You are told you are going to be shown some words related to food. The experimenter then shows you the word "pizao" and you perceive the word "pizza." This shows that your perceptions are affected by your ___________.
The smallest change in stimulation that can be detected 50 percent of the time is called the ________ threshold.
Damage to the _____________ lobe may result in a person experiencing problems performing mental tasks, getting stuck on one step or one wrong answer and repeating it over and over again.
Wilhelm Wundt
Who is considered the first individual to attempt to apply scientific principles to the study of the human mind?
The ___________ nervous system is composed of the brain and the spinal cord
middle ear bones
The hammer, anvil, and stirrup are the _______________.
What early perspective in psychology focused on how the mind allows people to adapt, live, work and play?
The left hemisphere of the brain controls the left hand, written language, and mathematical calculations.