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When Dickens writes, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of time, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity," he employs
When Dickens writes, "France, less favoured on the whole as to matters spiritual than her sister of the shield and trident, rolled with exceeding smoothness down hill, making paper money and spending it," France is used as
Dickens writes that there was a king with a large jaw on both thrones of England and France. Who were they?
George III and Louis XVI
According to the novel France is less________ than England
The first few pages of the novel, make the primary problem in France very obvious. What is the problem?
Where does Jerry Cruncher live?
Hanging Sword Alley
Mr. Lorry is a
Which two cities does the title refer to?
London and Paris
What is the message that Mr. Lorry sends with a messenger from the Bank?
Recalled to life
Who delivers the message to Mr. Lorry?
Jerry Cruncher
What is the name of the hill that the Dover mail coach climbs?
Shooter's hill
What is a "blunderbuss"?
A rifle
What does Mr. Lorry tell Lucie Manette in chapter 1?
Her father is still alive
How long was Dr. Manette imprisoned in the Bastille?
18 years
When Dickens writes, " All these things, and a thousand like them, came to pass in and close upon the dear old year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five," he uses
How many people ride in the Dover mail coach?
When the novel begins what year is it?
What does Gaspard write on the wall in wine and mud?
What is the name that Defarge calls himself and the other revolutionaries?
What month of the year is the Dover mail coach traveling?
The narration of A tale of two cities is best described as
Third-person omniscient
What does the number six represent when Dickens writes, "they were mysteries to one another, as complete as if each had been in his own coach and six."
Jerry Cruncher likes to stop at _______ on his Dover mail coach trips.
The narrator reports that it would be dangerous to play _______ with Jerry Cruncher
Leap frog
Dickens uses a rhetorical device to begin a A Tale of Two Cities. What is this device?
On what day of the week is the Dover mail coach traveling?
Dickens compares the coach to what animal?
Dickens describes _______ as an "evil spirit, seeking rest and finding none."
The mist
The Dover mail coach riders wear
At the beginning of the novel how long has it been since the Cook-lane ghost has been buried?
12 years
Dickens draws a comparison between supernatural communications in Britain to worldly communications from
The American Continental Congress
Why do the men walk beside the coach in the mud?
The horse can't carry the weight
What symbols does Dickens employ to represent England?
Shield and trident
A young French boy is sentenced to have his hands chopped off, his tongue ripped out, and then to be burned alive. What did he do?
Disrespected religion
How does Dickens personify Fate?
As a woodsman
Dickens uses the words "moveable framework" to describe
How does Dickens personify death?
As a farmer
Which of the following does Dickens not describe as a common in Britain?
Public drunkenness
What is a turnkey?
A person in charge of a prison
Jerry Cruncher and Jarvis Lorry work for
A bank
What does the narrator call an "unwholesome seed" and "evil" in Book 1 chapter 2
The fog
Jarvis Lorry tells the mail coach guard that he is headed to _______ for business purposes
What does Jerry Cruncher nickname his horse?
Old lady
Where do the Do re mail coach riders hide their possessions while on board the coach?
Their boots
What does Jarvis Lorry dream about on the mail coach?
Tellson's bank
What kind of light does Jervis Lorry use at the bank?
a spectre visits Jarvis Lorry in his dreams. How old is he?
Why do all the people in Saint Antoine stop what they are doing all at once?
to drink spilled wine
What does Jarvis Lorry want to know from the spectre?
buried how long
what is written on the wall of the wine shop?
According to Dickens, what is "prevalent everywhere" in Saint Antoine?
What is the name of the hotel that Jarvis Lorry stays at in Dover?
Royal George Hotel
Who is the man that writes on the wall in the wine shop?
The head drawer of the hotel refers to the
of the following services, what does Jarvis Lorry need when he gets to hotel in Dover?
a barber
What is the name of the hotel room in which Jarvis Lorry stays in Dover?
What do the customers call ach other, who drink together in the wine shop?
How old is Jarvis Lorry when he arrives in Dover?
Jarvis Lorry thinks that he has very nice
As Jarvis Lorry awaits his breakfast, he
falls asleep
When we first see Madame Defarge, what is she doing?
cleaning her teeth
Who do the passengers suspect of wrongdoing on the coach?
all of the above
Who does the driver of the carriage in Chapter 1, Book 2 trust?
only the horses
How many years has it been since Jarvis Lorry traveled to France?
What is the town of Dover famous for?
its white cliffs
What animal does Dickens use as a symbol for Dover?
Which floor of the wine shop houses Dr. Manette?
Dickens uses the term "small tradesman" to mean
How old is Miss Manette when we first see her meet with Jarvis Lorry?
Mr. Lorry thinks that Miss Manette looks like
a child he once knew
where is Doctor Manette from?
What encourages the horses to finally make it up Dover Hill?
the whip and the lash
Dickens uses the word blunderbuss. What does blunderbuss mean?
Who does Dickens describe as "ever busy and ever worse than useless"?
the hangman
When Dickens writes that French and English monarchs ruled though divine right, what does he mean?
They ruled by the grace of God
What is Dickens primary purpose in chapter 1?
About how many weapons does the guard of the Dover mail coach possess?
At what time of the day does the Dover mail coach finally reach the top of the hill?
11 pm
What is the name of the man who drives the Dover mail coach?
The most unique thing about Jerry Cruncher that Jarvis Lorry notices right away is his
Dr. Manette stays in a room that was originally built to
store firewood
How old was Miss Manette when her mother passed away?
When Miss Manette passes out, what does her caregiver use to wake her up?
smelling salts
When Lucie first sees Dr. Manette, what is he doing?
How does Lucie feel immediately before she meets her father?
How did Dr. Manette learn how to make shoes?
he taught himself
what has Dr. Manette kept with him all of the years he has been imprisoned?
a lock of hair
What color is Dr. Manette's hair?
Who asks Dr. Manette if he is healthy enough to leave France?
Jarvis Lorry
What is madame Defarge doing as Dr. Manette is leaving their bondage?
What does Dr. Manette want to keep with him from his days in prison?
his cobbling stone
What are the last two words of the first book?
I can't say
What year does book 2 begin in?
Dickens uses the phrase, "Nature's remedy for all the things" to define
Tellson's Bank prosecutes criminals in the strictest way. Which of the following have they sent to be executed?
all of the above
Dickens compares a young Tellson worker to
How old is Jeery Cruncher's son?
Where was Young Jerry Cruncher baptized?