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Texas Constitution

Veto power of Texas governor v. US president
Governor can veto proposed bills...2/3rd vote in Texas House and Texas Senate can override.
*Line-Item Veto - Governor also has the line-item veto, which gives the Governor the power to veto individual spending budgetary items...each line-item veto can also be overridden by 2/3rd vote of the Texas House and Senate.
Texas Governor's power regarding selection of other top executive positions v. US president's power regarding selection of cabinet positions
Power of the Executive is further diffused by having most executive positions elected by the people, rather than chosen by the Governor (with approval of the Texas Senate). This denies the Governor appointment/nomination powers. At the national level, where the president has some say in who assumes other positions in the executive branch.
Texas Bill of Rights—right to abolish government—what are restrictions on setting up a new government
Right to Abolish Texas Government (Art 1 Sec. 2) The people have "the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient". The only limitation is that the people preserve a Republican form of government.
Difference between Texas provision on gun owners' rights v. 2nd Amendment in US constitution
The right to keep and bear arms is more detailed in the Texas Constitution. There is no question that the Texas Constitution defines a right to keep and bear arms for citizens of the state of Texas for the purpose of self-defense.
The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution says that a person has a right to keep and bear arms so that the state can raise a militia. The militia system has been replaced by the National Guard, making it unnecessary to raise a militia for protection of the state. So, some argue that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee a right to keep and bear arms for self-defense of the individual.
According to strict reading of Texas Bill of Rights, can an atheist hold office in Texas
Unusual veto power of an executive level office (usually the chief executive only has veto power)
Texas does not have the initiative and recall, two provisions that give "the people" the power of impeachment and removal. In Texas, only the Texas Legislature can remove executive officials
Unusual impeachment/removal powers of judicial branch (usually only legislatures have impeachment/removal powers)
The federal judiciary has no impeachment and removal powers, but in Texas, the Texas Supreme Court has a limited removal power. Texas Supreme Court hears cases when at least 10 lawyers file a written request for removal of the judge. They can then vote to remove the District Judge in question.
What constitutional provisions make Texas a fiscally conservative state
- Balanced Budget Requirement (Art 3 Sec. 49a) The biennial budget must not exceed "projected" revenues. The Comptroller of Public Accounts must sign off on the budget. Otherwise, the legislature must pass another budget (unless the Comptroller's veto is overridden with 4/5th majorities in both the Texas House and Senate)
- Limitations on Taxation (Art 8 Sec. 22) Tax increases in any two-year period cannot exceed the "projected" growth rate of the Texas economy
- A proposed income tax (Art 8 Sec. 24) Passed by amendment in 1993, any income tax proposed by the Texas legislature must first be approved by the voters
Why the Texas Constitution is so much easier to amend than the US Constitution
Proposal are either approved or rejected by the voters (majority vote required)