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Social Studies-Economics (and some govt. thrown in)


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Coca-Cola Company
The world's largest producer of non- alcoholic beverages; founded in Atlanta in 1886
Delta Airlines
The world's largest passenger airline; founded in Louisiana in 1928
Entrepreneurial Risk
Personal and financial risk taken by a person in order to start a business
motivation for entrepreneurs; the chance of making money
Georgia Pacific
The world's leading producer of paper, tissue, and construction-based materials; founded in Augusta in 1927
Home Depot
The world's largest hardware home improvement center and second largest retailer; founded in Atlanta in 1978
Private Companies
A company owned by an individual or group that does not sell shares of stock to the general public
The amount of money an entrepreneur or business makes after paying expenses.
Public Companies
Companies owned by stockholders; profit is shared between all the "owners"
The economic costs that a business incurs through its operations to earn revenue.
Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus
Founders of Home Depot
John Stith Pemberton
Atlanta pharmacist who came up with the formula for Coca-Cola
Asa Candler
Founder of the Coca-Cola company; bought formula from Doc Pemberton
Flowers Foods
A Thomasville-based manufacturer of bread and snack cakes
William Howard Flowers & Joseph Hampton Flowers
Brothers who founded a bakery that became Flowers Baking Company
Georgia Aquarium
$290 million dollar attraction in Atlanta dedicated to the people of Georgia and the associates, customers and shareholders of The Home Depot; donated by Bernie Marcus
Robert Woodruff
President of the Coca-Cola company in the 1920s-1950s; responsible for much of the company's commercial success
a plan for spending money; helps individual or business monitor financial resources
money paid on income or purchases that helps finance local, state, and federal government
Special-Purpose Govt.
a type of local government formed to govern a specific activity, ie: school system, MARTA, airport, ports
Grand Jury
decides if there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime
a person who brings charges in a criminal or civil case
this is always the plaintiff in a criminal case
Georgia's leading industry
high-speed roadways that connect states and benefit trade
buying with borrowed money; will have to pay back later with interest
this card is used for convenience, but takes money directly from your checking account
in a civil case the defendant is found either _______ or not _______
the penalty in a civil case is usually ______
Ted Turner
media mogul who owned a television network and the Atlanta Braves; restaurateur
when an adult is taken into custody by the police
a fee charged for using someone else's money
the number of state constitutions the state of Georgia has had
the penalty in a criminal case is usually time in jail which is called _______
the part of Georgia's coat of arms that represents the constitution
the part of Georgia's coat of arms that represents the three branches
Informal Adjustment
in a juvenile case, when the judge can allow a juvenile to admit guilt and be released; only on a first offense
in a criminal case juries must have evidence "beyond a reasonable _____" to convict
juvenile cases are heard only by a _____ to protect privacy
Truett Cathy
founder of Chick-fil-A