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Capital city of Russia. Located towards the west of European Russia.
St Petersburg
2nd largest city in Russia. North West of Moscow, at eastern end of the Baltic Sea.
City that is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet & largest Russian port (Sea of Japan). Located in Eastern Asiatic Russia
Ural Mountains
Running North-South from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan. Natural border dividing European Russia to the west & Asiatic Russia to the east. 1500 miles long.
Volga River
Running from its source in hills to the North West of Moscow to Caspian Sea. 2293 miles long. Located in European Russia.
Lake Baikal
Holds 1/5 of world's fresh water. One of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Home to the Baikal Seal - the world's only freshwater seal.
Important people?
The President of Russia is Vladimir Putin. Russia is home to some of the world's wealthiest billionaires. Russia was once ruled by a Royal Family (the Tsars and Tsarinas) until a revolution in 1917.
Russia's Biomes
Russia is home to 8 different biomes: semi-arid desert, temperate grasslands, dry grasslands, deciduous forest, taiga, tundra, alpine tundra, polar desert.