Secret passwords...sssshhhh! Nr. 2

It's a fruit. It's green. It grows on trees.
It's a toy. It's small. It's made of plastic or wood. It goes up and down.
It's an object. It's coloured. It grown in the garden, but you can put it in a vase. It smells good.
It's a person. It's very young. It can't walk nor swim. It likes milk.
It's an animal, but also ... a food. It hasn't got legs. It's got fins. It can't walk, but it can swim.
It's an object. It's in the bathroom. You can sit on it and... flush it!
It's an object. It's round. It's on the wall or on the table. It's got two or three... hands! You can read the time on it.
It's a vehicle. It's slow. It's quiet. It's got two wheels. It's got a light and a bell. You must wear a helmet when you ride it.
It's a vehicle. It's very fast and very noisy. It's got wings, wheels and many round windows. It can fly.
It's an object. It's small. It's made of metal. You can open and lock a door, a car,...
It's a piece of clothing. It's made of fabric. You wear it on your head.
It's a food. It's small and fragile. You can break it and make an omelette or a cake. It comes from... a chicken! It can be made of chocolate.
It's a fruit. It's green, red or yellow. It grows on trees. In the USA, a famous city is called "The Big ..."
ice cream
It's a food, a dessert. It's cold and sweet. You can put it in a cone. You can have different flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,...
It's a fruit and... a colour. It's round. It grows on trees. You can make juice with it. It's a winter fruit.

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