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Character Formatting


Any single letter, number, symbol, or punctuation mark.

character styles

A style that is applied to individual characters or words that users have selected.


A set of characters that have the same design.


A font in which all of its characters take up the same amount of horizontal space.

paragraph styles

A style in which the formats are applied instantly to all text in the paragraph where the insertion point is located, whether or not text is selected.

point size

A measurement that refers to the height of characters with one point equaling approximately 1/12 of an inch.

proportional space

A font in which the horizontal spacing varies.

sans serif

A font that does not have the small line extensions on its characters


A font that has small lines at the beginning and end of characters and that is usually used with large amounts of text.

Text Effects

A new font command group that adds a distinctive appearance, such as outlines, shadows, glows or reflections, to selected text.

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