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Vocab and questions about the quiz


inspiring respect or wonder because of size, strength, or ability


eager and willing to do something


a disease causing swollen joints


an idea, offer, or plan put forward for consideration or discussion;
a plan or scheme

bateau (bateaux- plural)

a light flat bottomed river boat with sharply tapering stern and bow, used in New England and Canada


a group of vehicles or ships traveling together, often with and escort for protection


reckless confidence that might be offensive


an area of very marshy ground or deep slushy mud


extreme tiredness or weariness resulting from physical or mental activity


great in amount, size, or extent


rarely found or rarely occurring


impossible to avoid or to prevent from happening


supplies of food and other necessities, especially for a journey


depressing or hopeless


a building where soldiers live


an operation in which troops or the police surround a place and cut off all outside access in order to force surrender



Does Captain John Andre enjoy being a soldier?

Andre, does not like being a soldier

What was Benedict sick in bed with for a month?

Benedict had gout

Who does Benedict leave his children with after his wife dies?

He leaves his children with his sister, Hannah

What are some of the rivers Benedict travels on to reach Canada?

The Dead River, Kennebec River, Chaudiere River

After Benedict and his men have a tough journey what does the council hold a vote about

Benedict asks the men whether or not they want to go on, or turn home because they are almost out of supplies

What are some non food items Benedict's men are forced to eat

shoes, candles, shaving cream, a dog, flour, wick of candles.. etc.

What are the two important British (Canadian) cities along the St. Lawrence River that they Americans are hoping to control

Quebec and Montreal

Besides not having enough food, and having bad boats what else do Benedict's men have to face on their way to Canada

rain, snow, swamp, mountains, hurricane, death, fatigue

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