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Legislative Branch
responsible for writing and passing laws
Executive Branch
responsible for carrying out and enforcing laws
Judicial Branch
responsible for interpreting laws and settling disagreements among citizens
head of Executive Branch of Ohio
Ohio General Assembly
makes up Legislative Branch of Ohio's government, includes House of Representatives and the Senate
Ohio Supreme Court
highest court in Ohio
democratic republic
power to govern belongs to the people. Citizens elect their leaders
the way people in a state, region, or country use resources to meet their needs
power a governor has to keep a bill from becoming law
checks & balances
system makes sure that no one branch in our government has too much power
written plan of how government works
head of Executive Branch of local government
town council
makes up the Legislative Branch of local government
Mayor's Court
interprets the laws of a local government
Ohio House of Representatives
in Ohio General Assembly--has 99 members
Ohio Senate
in Ohio General Assembly--has 33 members