DA FOREST English Presentational devices

Direct address
Speaking to your audience directly by using the word "You".
A sequence of words beginning with the same letter or sound. This is used to create a musical effect and interest the reader.
A thing that is known or proved to be true and makes and argument more convincing.
A personal belief or judgement that is not founded on proof or certainty, but adds weight to your argument.
Rhetorical questions
A question asked for dramatic effect and not requiring an answer, which makes the reader stop and think.
Using information such as percentages and fractions to make something seem more believable and make the reader trust what is written.
Emotive language
Words used deliberately to create an emotional impact or response and shows people you feel strongly about the points you are making.
Using three words or phrases, all with the same sound, idea or theme, which make a text more interesting and memorable.