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a graphic

something drawn or written

the range of colors a monitor displays


colors pixels can emit

red, green, blue

ways in which pixels can be altered

hue, saturation, value


Cathod Ray Tube


Liquid Crystal Display


Light Emitting Diode


to adjust a monitor so that on-screen color is an accurate representation of print color


approximating out of gamut color by combining pixels of two or more similar colors that optically color mix on screen


Hue, Saturation, Brightness


an image made of dots or pixels


Hypertext Markup Language

color forecasting

predicting incoming color trends through research, surveys, regional and cultural considerations and season.

trademark color

product/corporate identity element that has specific CMYK formulation not available to the public.

document color

an actual reproduction of a period color based on chemistry and research

historical color

muted colors effected by oxidation and patina that the public associates with historical periods, but which are not period accurate

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