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Title Bar

Displays the name of the workbook.

Name Box

This item indicates the name of the active cell on the worksheet.

Formula Bar

Displays the formula in the current cell as well as the text that is in that particular cell.

Active Cell

Cell that is current and ready to receive information.

Column Headings

Indicated on a worksheet, these are labeled with letters.

Row Headings

Indicated on a worksheet, these are labeled by numbers.

Status Bar

Displays information about the selected command or an operation in progress.


An equation that performs a calculation such as a sum or an average.


The intersection of a row and column in a worksheet.

Cell Reference

The column letter and row number of a cell.

CTRL + `

Alternates between displaying cell values and displaying the cell formulas.


A page in an Excel workbook that can contain data, formulas, tables, charts, and other objects.

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