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Major Breakthroughs During the Industrial Revolution (Inventions, Transportation, etc.)

Samuel Colt
invented colt revolver, guns that fired multiple times ; contributed to weaponry used today
John Deere
invented steel plow ; allowed easier plowing/farming in soil of Midwest
Robert Fulton
invented first successful submarine, steamboat ; helped transport goods faster
Cyrus McCormick
invented mechanical reaper ; allowed easier harvesting of grains
Elias Howe
invented first sewing machine, which was later refined
Francis Cabot Lowell
inventor of factory system ; city of factories (Lowell, MA)
DeWitt Clinton
major proponent to construction of the Erie Canal, which was said to be a waste of time
National Road
aka Cumberland Turnpike ; roadway from Cumberland to Illinois
Samuel Morse
invented "Morse Code" and the single wire telegraph ; used in means of communicaiton, especially during the Civil War
Isaac Singer
refined Howe's invention of sewing machine ; first practical replacement for hand sewing
Samuel Slater
inventor of cotton mill ; brought British textile industry to America
Eli Whitney
invented cotton gin, idea of interchangeable parts ; made cotton a cash crop by increasing the rates cotton could be seperated ; began American system of mass production
the invention of this porved to have early engine failures, evident in the loss of Tom Thumb.
Great Britian
country where textile industry first eveolved in the 1750's, where the new technology was to be kept secret for fear of other countries gaining in their discovery
mass production
provided in the discovery of interchangeable parts, reduced the need of blacksmiths to custom make parts