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Democratic Party

Jackson's supporters who had no official name later became known as the _____ _____

personalities, issues

The 1828 presidential race focused more on the candidates' _______ rather than on ______.

Old Hickory

Jackson's nickname

John Quincy Adams

Jackson's rival during the presidential race

spoils system

Once in office, Jackson rewarded his supporters by giving them government jobs in a practice that became known as the __ __

celebration party

To emphasize his victory, Jackson allowed his followers to join a ______. Over 20,000 people came and caused extensive damage during their stay.

rotation in office

Jackson favored _______ because he believed that those officials who stayed in public office too long often forgot that they were servants of the people.

Andrew Jackson

His nasty rumors include: murderer, adulterer, his mother was a prostitute, massacred N.A. and hanged two British officials

John Quincy Adams

His nasty rumors include: snob, frivolous with taxpayers money, gambler, and pimp

rags to riches

Jackson was known as a ____ __ ____ man because he was born a poor orphan and made his way up to power through hard work.

Indian Removal Act

This act in 1830 enacted the removal of indians to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. It was supposed to be voluntary, but America put alot of pressure for the leaders to sign their land away in a treaty.

Second Seminole War

A war that occured from 1835 - 1842 that forced the removal of Seminole indians from Florida.

Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole

Tribes that were removed (5 tribes)

Samuel Worcester

Then man who disobeyed the Georgia militia to leave indian land and argued that Georgia had no power over indian lands.

death of his mother and brothers

Jackson hated the British with a passion because he blames them for the _____ _ __ _____ __ ____.

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