Toxicology forensic science review

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ChronicPoisonings that involve low doses over long time periodsControlledDrugs whose sale,possession and use are restricted in the USDangerWord assigned to pesticides and other products that are highly toxicIllegalDrugs with no current accepted medical use in the USWarningWord assigned to pesticides and other products that are moderately toxicPresumptiveType of testing used to narrow down the identity of a toxinSchedule 5Drugs which have medical use and lowest potential of dependencySchedule 3Drugs with less potential for abuse and addiction and are accepted as medical useSchedule 1Drugs with high potential for abuse and addiction and no medical valueSchedule 2Drugs with high potential for abuse and addiction and have some medical usesSchedule 4Drugs with low potential for abuse addiction and are currently accepted for medical useDeliberateConsumes poison on a suicide attempt or to inflict harm on othersHemlockGreek philosopher socrates was a victim to this poisonMarshChemical test used to detect arsenic, first use of toxicology in jury trialOrfilaFather of toxicologyWithdrawalA collection of symptoms that a person experiences after a long period of regular use when the quantity of available substance to the brain is reducedOpium poppyMost narcotics are derived from which plantCastor BeanRicin is a bioterrorism agent ferried from which plantContaminated drinkingCommon source of cyanid poisonWhere do humans get bioterrorism agent AnthraxBacteria that comes from infected animalsDepressantsDrugs may be prescribed to relive anxiety and produce sleepStimulantsCan be abused, used to treat narcolepsy and ADDMethadoneOften used to treat addiction to other narcotic drugsNicotine and caffeine fall into this category of drugsStimulantsMethamphetaminesKnown for drastically changing the appearance of a userNick name for anabolic steroidsRoids,Juice, and Arnold's"Date rape drug"RohypnolAlcohol is excreted from the body throughBreath,perspiration and urineBotulismToxin found in honey and canned vegetables..can be fatal if consumed by infantCommonly used to kill mosquitoes and stop malaria but was banned in 1972DDTApril 2013 president Barack Obama and senator Roger Wicker were sent envelopes tested positive for this bioterrorism agentRicinLD-50Determine amount of toxin that causes half of animals to dieHydrogen cyanidHydrogen CyanideTetanuscauses 5 deaths year in the usArsenic,lead and mercury are what kind of metalsHeavy metalsCarbon MonoxideGiven off by car exhaust and had been used in suicidesAfter 9/11 5 people were killed and 16 got sick when 22 letters paved with this poison were sent through the us mail systemAnyhrax