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Miss Huling's U.S. History Chapter 12 Study Guide.

Who is known as the Green River Explorer?

Jim Beckworth

Name the trail to the Oregon country.

Oregon Trail

Sam Houston was raised among which Native Americans?


What route did William Becknell take?

Santa Fe Trail

What were ranchos?

Huge Mexican Properties

Which was the last country to challenge the U.S. for control of the Oregon country?


What allowed both U.S. and British citizens to settle in the Oregon country?

Joint Occupation

How did mountain men make their living?

Fur trapping

Who settled in the Oregon country after the mountain men?


What Tennessee backwoodsman lost his life at the Alamo?

Davy Crockett

Santa Anna said,"The Texans fought more like devils than like men." Fought where?


What African American called the war with Mexico "disgraceful" and "cruel"?

Fredrick Douglas

What was the third part of Polk's war plan?

Capture Mexico City

What group took the law into their own hands during the Gold Rush?


What city was originally called Deseret?

Salt Lake City

He was a mountain men that later became a guide.

Kit Carson

He ordered the Texans' execution.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Another name for Mexican ranch owners:


Another name for Mexicans living in California:


Shinbone Peak is an example of a _______


Oregon country was which direction from California?


What was the high point of the year for mountain men?


What persuaded people to settle in the Oregon country?

Fertile land

What philosophy meant the U.S. was to extent its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean?

Manifest Destiny

Where was Santa Anna captured?

San Jacinto

What river did the U.S. insist was the border between the U.S. and Mexico?

Rio Grande

Which man replaced the Bear Flag with the flag of the U.S.?

John Sloat

Who made huge profits during the gold rush?


What event ended in a few years but had a long-lasting effect on California's economy?

Gold Rush

Who led the Latter-Day Saint migration to the Great Salt Lake area?

Brigham Young

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