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  1. exemplary
  2. conclusive
  3. placate
  4. disreputable
  5. superficial
  1. a to appease, soothe, pacify...satisfy, mollify, allay, conciliate/// vex, irk, provoke, exasperate, annoy
  2. b on or near the surface; concerned with or understanding only what is on the surface,, insubstantial, cursory, slapdash/// deep, profound, thorough, exhaustive
  3. c worthy of imitation, commendable, serving as a model... praiseworthy, meritorious, sterling, illustrative/// infamous, notorious, scandalous, disreputable
  4. d not respectable, not esteemed...disgraceful, discreditable, shady/// hones, aboveboard, respectable, creditable
  5. e serving to settle an issue;final...decisive, indisputable, convincing, definitive/// unsettled,provisional,indefinite

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  1. passing off or using one's own the writing (or other materials) of another fun...piracy, theft
  2. a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook...schedule, program
  3. native or confined to a particular region or people characteristic of or prevalent in a field... indigenous, restricted to///alien, foreign, extraneous
  4. to refer to casually or indirectly...suggest, insinuate, hint at, intimate
  5. a false reason, deceptive excuse...pretense, cover story, rationale, evasion

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  1. starkharsh, unrelieved, desolate; utterly... sheer, downright, grim, bleak;absolutely///bright, cheerful, embellished, ornate


  2. clairvoyantsupernaturally perceptive; one who possesses extrasensory powers, seer... insightful, discerning, uncanny; visionary/// blind, unseeing, myopic, dense, imperceptive


  3. potenta false reason, deceptive excuse...pretense, cover story, rationale, evasion


  4. protrudeto stick out, thrust with force...project, jut out, bulge


  5. fathomto understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the depth of; a measure of depth in water...grasp, comprehend, figure out, plumb