30 terms

March of the Penguins

What is the average temperature of the Antarctic?
-58 degrees
What kind of penguins is this movie about?
Emperor penguins
How many miles will the penguins travel to their nesting site?
70 miles
What 2 main parts of their body do penguins use to travel across land?
on their stomach/bellies and on their feet
What is the real reason penguins breed at this particular breeding place?
the ice is thicker it will protect their young from falling in the ocean
How many different partners does a penguin mate with each year?
1 partner- also known as monogamous relationship
How many months do the penguins keep their partnership with their mate?
8 months
How do the mass of penguins keep each other warm?
they group themselves-also know as joining in a mass to conserve heat
What month is the one egg of each partner laid?
in June
How is the egg kept warm from the harsh cold?
it is hidden in a flap of their belly
Which parent goes back to the sea first and why?
the female- to bring back food for the new born
Why is the "transfer"of the egg between female and male is important?
when the female goes back to the sea someone needs to keep it warm if not it will die, and that penguin is the male
Who primarily protects the egg and for how long?
the male for 2 months
How much body weight has the female lost?
a third of her body weight
How many days do males go without food?
125 days
How cold does it get and how fast can the wind be while the fathers are caring for the eggs?
-80 degrees is how cold it gets, wind goes up to 100 miles and hour
How long can penguins hold their breath and how deep can they dive?
they can hold their breath up to 15 min
the deepest they can dive is 17000 feet
What is the major predator of the penguins?
Leopard Seals
What month do the females return to the nest?
Why must the males keep moving?
if they don't they will die
after the chicks hatch, how long has it been since the males have eaten?
4 months
upon return with food for their chick, how does the female find her mate in the mass of penguins?
they must rely on sound
How much body weight has the male lost
more than 1/2
When females chick dies, what might she try to do?
she will try to steal another chick
What month do the mother leave their chicks to go feed again?
When he fathers return from feeding, how do they find their chicks?
with sound
What month is the ocean within a few hundred yards of the breeding ground?
After how many months does the tribe of penguins (parents) return to the sea?
3 months
What month do the chicks go to the sea?
How many years will the chicks live at seas before they return to breed?
fifth year