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What is appeasement and how does it relate to WWII?
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Understand that by 1941 nearly the whole of Europe was under the control of The Axis Powers:The axis powers (germany, Italy, and Japan) had overthrown most of Europe.Understand the Lend-Lease Act (what was it, what did it do and why?)The lend-lease act was an act that let the U.S lend out guns to the British army.Why did The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and what did this attack result in?The japanese were a rising country and wanted more land so they wanted Hawaii, so they attacked it and tried to take Hawaii from the U.S by force, which resulted in the U.S joining the war.In what ways did the government increase its control over private businesses in order to organize the war effort? (rationing, WPB,taxes, bonds, OPA).they had the War Production Board which helped the federal agency set up to manage the conversion of industries to military production during World War 2.What was the internment of the Japanese (understand that it was created via an executive order) and what motivated it?the internment of the japanese was the relocation of japanese Americans, what motivated this was the bombing of Pearl Harbor.What was the ruling/significance of Korematsu v The United States?It declared the the U.S had the right to keep japanese people at internment camps.How did WWII expand the opportunities available to women? In what ways did women contribute to the war effort?It extended the workforce to women. They worked in factories, basically holding the men's work places while they fight in battle.What was the Double-V campaign?A campaign designed to end racism.What was the significance of the Tuskegee Airmen?They showed how African American people could do everything a white person could do.What was the United States' response to Jewish refugees escaping the holocaust and what motivated this response?They finally saw that many Jews were being killed by hitler and finally decided to take action.In what ways did Latino-Americans contribute towards WWII?They had fought in combat.What was the Holocaust?the holocaust was a systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of Jews and other minority groups by the Nazis.What role did oil play in WWII?Germany had tried to take Russia's oil in ww2 so hitler sent out an attack on Stalingrad but had lost to stalin's men because they were not prepared for the harsh winter, hitler never got his oil and was now seen as less of a threat.What was the significance of the battle at Stalingrad?The significance of the battle of Stalingrad is that it's the first time hitler was really defeated and it showed other country's that he really can be stopped.What was the significance of D-Day?they took a part of land from Germany and got hitler to commit suicide.How/When did the Axis powers surrender in Europe?Hitler surrendered after the battle in Stalingrad.Understand the significance of the battle of MidwayThe U.S had stopped the japanese expansion towards the pacific.What were motives behind the use of the atomic bomb and the debates surrounding its use?The motives were that it could force surrender with Japan, the debates were the amount of casualties.How did WWII and it's aftermath shape the way America's viewed isolationism?The United States vowed not to repeat the same mistakes made in ww2.What is the World Bank and what purpose does it serve?The world bank was made by the U.S and 43 other countries to help struggling economies after ww2What is the UN and what purpose does it serve?The United Nations was a an organization made to make world peace, and the wanted security world peace and human rights.What is the UN's Declaration of Human Rights?A document adopted by the United Nations that states that everybody has the rights to life liberty and equality.What were The Nuremberg Trials, what purpose did they serve, and what were their outcomes?Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were a series of trials in 1945 and 1946 in Nuremberg, Germany, in which an international military tribunal convicted former Nazi leaders of war crimes.What were The Tokyo Tribunals, what purpose did they serve, and what were their outcomes?The Tokyo tribunals were a series of war crime trials dealing with head leaders of the war crimes.What is a war crime?an action carried out during the conduct of a war that violates accepted international rules of war.What happened to Germany as a result of WWII? How did the Allies exert control and what restrictions were placed on the nation after the war?Germany was excluded from the League of Nations and the U.S took control of Germany for a while, Germany was in a large amount of debt.What happened to Japan as a result of WII? How did the Allies exert control over Japan and how was it's government reformed?Japan was not hard to overthrow as it was very vulnerable, as a result the U.S took control of Japan.What was the GI Bill of Rights? How did it assist veterans? Why didn't the GI Bills of Rights prove as beneficial for African Americans?Gi bill of rights was a law passed in 1944 to provide federal funds to help returning GIs make the transition to civilian life, African Americans gained the right to free college as there lights were very limited.