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Notes from the textbook Encountering the New Testament, the chapters The Gospel and the Four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and.


The whole picture of Jesus, not just the history. Greek for "preaching." All Jesus represents.

Justin Martyr

Our earliest description of the Gospels comes from him in A.D. 155 when he calls them memoirs (1 Apol. 66)

Why write the Gospels?

The Gospels are combining the gospel message along with other important material as it relates to Jesus' life and teaching.

The gospel is...

The story if who Jesus was and what he did.

Having the Gospels written down was beneficial because...

It added to the speed and extent with which it was spread throughout the Roman empire. Within 40 years thousands had read and believed--this would have been impossible if it was only an oral tradition.

The Gospels helped new converts by...

being factual material for them to see and read.

Three reasons why the Gospels are trustworthy...

1. They were written while those who knew Jesus were alive and the info could be traced back to them. 2. Three of the four Gospels can be traced to apostles (except for Luke who said was dependent on eyewitnesses and those who knew Jesus) 3. God inspired it.

Until recent times, the only person considered to be the author of Matthew was...

The Apostle Matthew

In modern times the book of Matthew is considered to be anonymous because...

Nowhere does Matthew actually claim authorship.

Date of Matthew

Between A.D. 80 and 100

Potential place of origin of Matthew

Antioch of Syria OR Palestine

Matthew's purpose is...

He does not formally state his purpose but fundamentally he wrote it to preserve what he knew about Jesus' life.

Matthew emphasizes that the coming of Jesus...

Cannot be understood as just another even in history. It is the SUPREME event, prophesied and planed by God.

Matthew emphasizes the fact that Jesus came to minister the Jews as well as...

Gentiles and proclaimed that they have a place in God's kingdom.

The only Gospel that mentions the church by name


Jesus says that he will build up his church on the rock-solid fact of his messiahship at...

Cesarea Phillippi after Peter's great confession of Jesus as the Messiah.

The only name ever attached to the second Gospel is


The position of the early church, simply summarized is that:

Mark recorded Peter's recollections and was striving for accuracy but not a tightly connected strictly historical narrative.

Who is Mark?

John Mark, who worked so closely with Peter as to be called his "son"

Eusebius's "Historia Ecclesiastica"

Church History

Date for the book of Mark

55-65 A.D.

Place of the writing of Mark


Purpose of Mark

To record the story of Jesus and how he impacted people. The supernatural nature of Jesus was a main theme.

Mark spends 10 chapters on ________ and six chapters on __________.

The whole of Jesus' life; the last week of his life

Mark highlights two aspects of Jesus' ministry and service

1. Teacher/Preacher 2. Worker of miracles with power over disease and demons.

What is distinctive about Mark, is the emphasis placed on Jesus' command to those he helped to remain silent. This is called the...

Messianic secret


The roman official who wanted to know what Christianity was all about

All evidence points to whom as the author of Luke


Who was a well educated gentile, doctor and a close friend of Paul?


Was Luke written before or after Acts?


Date for the completion of Luke is...

late 50's or early 60's A.D.

Where was luke written?

There are is no agreement that exists among scholars.

Luke was intended for...

Christians with a pagan background.

Lukes fundamental purpose in writing the Gospel

He wants Theophilus to know that faith in Jesus rests on historical facts.

Differences between how Matthew and Luke trace Jesus' ancestry

Matthew traces Jesus' ancestry back to David and Abraham, while Luke traces it back to Adam - the direct creation of God.

Luke focuses on...

1. Jesus as the savior 2. The universality of God's dealings with the world 3. Jesus' early life and Mary's life 4. The role of women in Jesus' ministry 5. The Holy Spirit

Luke is dominated by theological ideas like...

Salvation history, the Twelve and their apostleship, the Holy Spirit and the proclamation of the kingdom.

Synoptic Gospels

When placed in parallel they exhibit striking similarities

John stands apart from the other Gospels in that

90% of it lacks direct verbal parallel in the three Synoptics.

What Gospel was most likely written in Ephesus


Traditionally, John is thought to have been written in...

A.D. 90

The most distinctive trait of John is the

emphasis on the divine glory of Christ - that he is nothing less than God Himself, incarnate in human flesh.

John places the emphasis of Christ's divine glory in three ways:

1. Jesus' divine qualities and essence 2. Jesus as a unique divine messenger 3. Jesus' fulfillment of of Israel's hopes and images

The emphasis of Jesus' human nature is throughout...


The principle of faith is predominant in the Gospel of....


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