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JM Study Questions

Current Jumpmasters wears a yellow band on their left arm.
False: Jumpmasters wear all bands on the Upper Right Arm
The approval authority to jump from Army aircraft is a LTC
False: Division Commander or Corps Commander
The Alice, Mollie, and PDSL have to be rigged to be lowered
True: The ALICE Pack, MOLLE and Parachutist Drop Bag Static Line MUST always be rigged to be jumped and lowered
The SDDG must be attached to the personnel manifest if hazardous materials are present
True: SDDG is attached to the manifest, load data card is attached to the load
The planning speed for a C-130H is 135 knots.
False: 130 Knots
Jumpers 1-4 will be seated on the starboard side when jumping UH-60.
True: 5-8 are on the port side
Any qualified Jumpmaster can JMPI a jump refusal.
False: Only the DACO
ADEPT stands for Alternating Door Exit Procedures for Training
There are 3 time warnings 9 jump commands when exiting a C-130.
True: same as the C-17 Globemaster III
When is the command of "Get Ready" given for the UH-60 and CH47?
UH-60: 4 minutes, CH-47: 6 minutes
What four Items does the 60MM weapon system Ammunition Bearer jump?
- M7 large base plate
- Aiming stakes with case
- Up to 6 rounds of 60MM mortar ammunition
- M16 A series Rifle or M4 Carbine
What are the two mandatory safety features of the M1950 weapons case?
- Tab thong secured
- ½ hitch adjusting strap
What are the causes for partial malfunctions?
- Excessive aircraft speed
- High power setting on aircraft engines
- High angle of draft (crabbing)
- Rigger Error
- Unsatisfactory Body position
How many personnel need to be on a C-130 for in-flight rigging?
40 jumpers to include PJ and AJ
When do you begin in-flight rigging on a C-130?
2 hours and 20 minutes prior to green light
When jumping Luzon drop zone what code letter will be used, how long is the drop zone, and how many seconds of green light do you have?
Length: 2888 yards
Code Letter PAX: A
Code Letter HD: R
Seconds of GL: 30
What four things must the safety do when exiting A-Series containers at the 20 minute time warning?
1. Move the load near the paratroop door
2. Inspect the load
3. Remove the Load Data Card
4. Hook up the universal static line to the outboard anchor line cable
What are the two causes of complete malfunctions?
1. Failure to Deploy
2. Failure to Inflate
What are the three methods of recording PI strike?"
1. Paced
2. Measured
3. Estimated
For proficiency jumps how many stinger missiles can be exited from the right paratroop door, and at what interval?
6 stingers exit at 2 second interval
The seven copies of the manifest will be to who:
- Primary Jumpmaster
- NCOIC of Parachute issue
- Unit File / S-3 Air
- Airforce Guide
- Loadmaster
For medical coverage to require a Surgeon or a PA how many jumpers must be exited on one pass or total?
500 or more jumpers, or 241 jumpers or more on 1 pass
What form is used to annotate a PI strike?
AF IMT 4304, Strike Report
As a safety how many copies will you give to the A/DACG?
In order to request an air medevac the trooper must be classified as :
What is the planning altitude for combat airborne operations?
650 feet
When does the DZSO receive the range safety brief?
No earlier than 24 hours prior
What is the FM for energy dispersing material?
FM 4-20.103
For peacetime operations the minimum altitude AWADS conditions is what?
200 feet
How many minutes prior to drop time should you start taking wind readings?
12 Minutes out
The DACO must be what rank or above for tactical operations?
SSG or above for tactical operations
Who releases the DZSO from the drop zone?
The Airborne Commander
Approval not to jump in the rain is authorized by who?
G3 Air
The amber rotating beacon is placed how far from the PI?
1000 meters from the PI or the trail edge of the drop zone (which ever is closer)
What is the primary peacetime mission of the DZSTL?
The primary mission for the DZSTL is to provide VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions) for 1 to 4 aircraft
If the M64 Sight assembly is being jumped without a case what must it be covered with?
Two turns of cellulose wadding
Are A -Series containers authorized to drop under AWADS conditions?
Are the diagonal backstraps the main point of adjustment for the T-10D parachute?
NO, the horizontal back straps are
What are the four duty areas for the safety?
- Unit Area
- Departure Airfield
- During Flight
- After Flight
If conducting a MASSTAC operation the DZSO must be on the drop zone by when?
DZSO must be on the drop zone by weather decision
What are the differences of both modified M1950 weapons cases?
- SAW Modified M1950 has a closing flap extension of 6.5 inches and a white lower tie down strap. - 60 MM Modified M1950 weapons case has a closing flap extension of 11 ¾ inches and a blue lower tie down strap
What are the A-7A cargo sling strap and weight limitations?
- 90-250 pounds for 2 strap load
- 251-350 pounds for 3 or 4 strap load
When do road guards needs to be posted on the DZSO team?
- 5 minutes prior for proficiency operations

- 30 minutes prior to and after drop time for tactical operations
Parachute issue is conducted in what three areas?
- PAX shed Issue
- Ramp Side Issue
- Plane Side Issue
What does SDDG stand for?
Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods
What are the two major components of the A-7A Cargo Sling?
- 4 straps - 4 D-Rings
What can the JM delegate?
Authority, not responsibility
When do the JM's duties begin?
Immediately upon notification
What are the qualifications of a JM?
- Graduate JM Course
- SGT or above
- If SGT, must be advanced rated
- Must safety twice
What are the qualifications of an AJM?
- CPL or above
- Safety once
When must new graduates perform an AJ?
180 days of graduation
What must new graduates perform before they can be a PJ?
safety twice and assist twice regardless of rating
What is the ABN Time Line?
- JM Team Rehearsal -3:15
- Manifest Call - 3:00
- SAT - 2:45
- Mock Door Training - 1:30
- Parachute Issue - 1:15
- Donning of Parachutes - 1:00
- JMPI - :50
- Load Time - :15
Who is responsible for the Tactical Cross Load Plan?
Airborne Commander
T/F: Does the #1 jumper need to be at JM Team Rehearsals when jumping an A-Series Container?
What color arm band does the JM Team wear?
What color arm band do key leaders wear?
What color arm band do current JMs wear?
What color arm band do bump personnel wear?
What color arm band does the medics wear?
Red Cross Brassard
What does A/DACG stand for?
Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
How many JMPI and correction stations must there be?
4 JMPI and 1 correction station
Who can be at the correction station during JMPI?
A qualified JM, but does not have to be current
Who does the JM receive the Air Route Diagram from?
Air Force navigator during the Pilot/JM Briefing
At Station Time, what needs to happen?
- All jumpers have been JMPI'd to include the JM Team
- All jumpers are awake and alert 5 min prior to take off
When is the last time the AC can be inspected?
During load time, -:15
How long can the jumpers leave their ballistic helmets off?
5 minutes prior to take off
How long can key leaders remain on the SECOMPS communications headset?
Until the 10 min warning
How long can RTOs remain on the SECOMPS communications headset?
until the 3 min slowdown
When does the JM conduct the final "clear the rear?"
During the 30 sec reference point
When does the JM duties end?
Upon exit from the AC
What is the average rate of decent for a T-10D parachute?
Approximately 18 ft/sec for 250 lbs
What are the five major components of the T-10D parachute?
- Deployment Bag
- Canopy Assembly
- Riser Assembly
- Harness Assembly
- Pack Tray
What are the four major components of the SLCP Reserve Parachute?
- Pilot Parachute w/ Deployment Assistance Device
- Canopy Assembly
- Pack Assembly
- Rip Cord Assembly
What are the three pieces of equip a JM can fix w/o a rigger?
- Safety wire and lanyard
- Broken stow on the pack tray
- Replace a webbing retainer w/ a retainer band
What are the four reason a M1950 WC must be lowered?
- It weighs 35 lbs or more
- Contains a crew served weapon
- It is a modified M1950 WC
- The JM deems it to big or bulky to land w/ safely
What are two types of entanglements and their causes?
- High Altitude: cause by simultaneous exits from the AC
- Mid Altitude: caused by one or more jumpers failing to observe the 3rd point of performance
When will the JM/Pilot brief be conducted for Army AC?
24 hours prior to manifest call
How many WDI are required for Army AC?
What are the drop altitudes for Army AC?
- Max: 2,999 ft
- Min: 1500 ft (1250 if AC speed is above 90 knots)
Do JM duties on Army AC count for currency?
When jumping the UH-60, when is the "sit in the door" command given?
30 sec
When jumping the UH-60, when is the stand by" command given?
8-10 sec
When jumping the CH-47, when is the "sound off for equipment check" given?
1 min
When jumping the CH-47, when is the stand by" command given?
8-10 sec
How many degrees must the Ch-47 ramp be lowered below horizontal?
What are the DZSO qualifications?
- SSG or above
- 4 or more AC, a SFC or above
- Current and qualified JM
- Must be advanced rated (waiverable for field grade officer)
What does the DZSO need to do to be current?
- Receive hands on training w/ the wind speed indicator
- Must assist a current and qualified DZSO at least twice/ perform duties at least every 180 days
What are the Assistant DZSO qualifications?
- CPL or above
- Current and qualified JM
- Receive hands on training w/ the wind speed indicator
- Familiarized w/ proper RTO procedures on a DZ
What consists of a DZSO's party?
- Malfunctions Officer
- Medical Coverage
- Ladder Detail
- Boat Detail
- Road Guards
Who must be on the Medic Coverage Team
A SGT or above. If a SPC, then must be EMT qualified
How tall must the ladder be?
12 feet
When is a boat detail required?
if 4 feet deep or 40 feet wide and is within 1000 meters of the DZ
When jumping the MC1-1D parachutes, what are the proper smoke for daytime ABN OPS?
- 0-6 knots, 3 smoke grenades
- 7-13 knots, 3 smoke pots
When does the DZSO open the DZ w/ Range Control?
NLT 1 hour prior to drop time
When does the DZSO need to be present at the DZ w/ the DZSO party?
NLT 1 hour prior to drop time.
When does the DZSO need to co-locate w/ the STS/DZSTL?
NLT 15 min prior to drop time
When does the DZSO establish wind readings?
10 min window at 12 min out.
When is the final decision made?
2 min out
When does the DZSO contact Range Control prior to drop time for final clearance?
5 min prior to drop time
Who are the only people that can have vehicles on a DZ
- CG
- Chief of Staff
Surface winds will NOT exceed:
- 13 knots for Personnel
- 17 knots for Equip
What chapter in the ASOP covers the requirements for smoke for MC1-1D parachute OPS?
Chapter 5
What does DACO stand for?
Departure Airfield Control Officer
What is the DACO responsible for?
for the safe and efficient outload of personnel and equip
What are the DACO qualifications?
- SGT or above
- SSG or above for TAC OPS
- Current and qualified JM
- Assist a fully qualified DACO at least once
What are the qualifications for an Assistant DACO?
- SGT or above
- Does NOT have to be JM qualified
Who does the DACO report to?
GLO, NLT 20 prior to the weather decision
When does the DACO establish COMS w/ the DZSO?
NLT 1 hour prior to drop time
DACO will ensure the DZSO party is present on the DZ NLT _________ prior to drop time.
1 hour
What are the qualifications for jumping an AT-4 Jump Pack?
- Must be 5 ft, 6 inches in height
- at least 12 static line jumps
- 2 perfect exits from the R door of the 34 ft tower w/ the AT-4 JP
- Must be talked through the 5 points of performance, lowering procedures, while in the suspended harness
What do you need to stay current w/ the AT-4 JUMP Pack?
must jump every 180 days
What are some limitations of the AT-4 JP?
- Can only exit from the R parachute door
- Can NOT be jumped from the seated position
- Only 2 AT-4 JP can exit from the R paratroop door per pass
When should a special items equip be rigged?
SHOULD be rigged 24 hours prior to manifest call, but NTL 1 hour prior
What does SMAW-D stand for?
Shoulder launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon - Disposable
What weapons are the only authorized weapons that can be jumped w/ the SMAW-D?
M4/M16 and M203
How many SMAW-D be jumped?
12, per pass
How many SMAW-Ds can be jumped in a CH-47?
all 28 jumpers
What is a SMJP?
Stinger Missile Jump Pack
What is the height requirement?
must be 5 ft, 8 inches heigh
What is the additional requirement when jumping the SMJP?
Must have 2 daylight jumps from 1250 AGL before jumping at 800 ft AGL
When do special items be attached to a jumper?
At the 20 min warning
T/F: The left adjustable leg strap will be used w/ the SMJP
False: it will NOT be used
How many A-7A Cargo Slings can be jumped?
1 per paratroop door, first pass only, from the first 3 AC in an offset trail formation
What are the max dimensions of an A-7A Cargo Sling?
30 inch wide, 66 inch high, and 48 inch deep (incl the cargo chute)
What are the min dimensions of an A-7A Cargo Sling?
There are no min, but must weigh 90 lbs
When jumping the A - Series container, does the #1 jumper need to be a JM?
Yes, but not current
What is on a Load Data Card?
- Unit
- Chalk
- Contents
- Gross Weight (incl cargo chute)
What are four major components of a A-21 Cargo Bag?
- Canvas cover
- Sling assembly w/ scuff pad attached
- Ring strap group
- Quick release assembly
What are the three safety features of an A-21 Cargo Bag?
- Safety fork and lanyard
- Turn to unlock
- Press or strike to release
What are the dimensions of a T-10 modified Cargo Parachute?
18 inch long, 12 inch wide, and 5 inch deep
Is ammo authorized to be jumped under the closing flap of the ALICE/MOLLE?
T/F: The SAW M1950 weapons case is secured by the HPT lowering line in its normal configuration when jumped as a single item of equipment
False, it has to be in it's modified configuration
What are the four phases of an ABN OP?
- Ground Tactical Plan
- Landing Plan
- Air Movement Plan
- Marshalling Plan
What are the four assembly factors?
- Dispersion
- Mission
- Weather
- State of Training
Of the 4 factors of assembly, which one does the JM have the most control over?
State of Training
What is the primary mission of the DZSTL during war time?
provide CDS air drop coverage for BN size or smaller
What are the DZSTL's qualifications?
- SGT or above
- Current and qualified JM
- Graduate of a recognized DZSTL course
What are the DZSTL's currency requirements?
- Must assist a DZSTL at least twice
- Have a successful ABN OP
- Must perform the duties at least ever 6 months
The DZSTL must turn in a completed DZST/Aircrew Mission Briefing Checklist to the GLO NLT ________.
3 hours prior to load time
Who finds the PI and sets up the code letter?
When does the DZSTL contact Range Control to tell them "you are set up correctly" and "ready to accept the mission?"
10 min prior to drop time
Who completes the AF IMT 4304 Strike Report?
What is the distance a WDI needs to land in to be considered a "PI" stike?
25 YARDs from the PI
__________ % of the pax on a MASSTAC must land on the surveyed DZ for it to be considered a sat ABN OP
How many VS-17 panels are needed?
9, and 1 raised angle marker (RAM)
For night ABN OPS, what is the requirement to mark the DZ with?
- 9 white omni-directional lights
- 1 white flanker light placed 250 m to the left AND the right of the PPI
- 1 amber rotating beacon placed at the trail edge of the DZ or 1,000 m from the PPI, which ever is closer
On a C130, what is the max number of jumpers per anchor line cable?
How many sets of caution lights are there on a C-130
What is the planed safe drop speed of a C-130?
130 knots
What is the number of in-flight rigging for a C-17?
100 to included the PJM and AJM
On a C-17, how many jumpers can jump on the outboard anchor line?
On a C-17, how many jumpers can jump on the inboard anchor line?
How many sets of caution lights are there on a C-17
What is the earliest an AC can be inspected by the safety?
1 hour prior to station time
What chapters in the ASOP cover JM team Qualifications?
4, 12, 13, 14, and 18
What chapters in the ASOP covers emergency landings?
What chapters in the ASOP covers Intro to Army AC?
4, 13, and 18
What chapters in the ASOP covers DZSO?
15 and 17
What chapters in the ASOP covers DACO?
What chapters in the ASOP covers the SMAW-D?
What chapters in the ASOP covers SMJP?
What chapters in the ASOP covers A-Series containers?
11 and 13
What chapters in the ASOP covers rigging of the M249?
9 and 10
What chapters in the ASOP covers CARP?
4, 13, 15, and 18
What chapters in the ASOP covers DZSTL?
4 and 17
What chapters in the ASOP covers the standard DZ for CARP OPS?
4, 17, and appendix G
What chapters in the ASOP covers Air Force AC?
4, 12-14