Cardinal and Theological Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Cardinal Virtues
- four virtues or habits that we develop to govern our actions, order our feelings, and guide our conduct according to reason and faith. They are powers given at Baptism that helps us direct our lives toward God
a virtue given to us by God that helps us love him above all things and our neighbor as ourselves. The power that enables us to love God.
one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. nables us to stand up for our beliefs and to live as followers of Jesus.
a gift of God that helps us to believe in him. It is a personal adherence of the whole person to God, who has revealed himself to us through words and actions throughout history. The power to trust God completely and to accept as true all that God has revealed and teaches through the Catholic Church.
the strength to choose to do the right thing even when that is difficult. The power that gives us courage to do what is right even when it is very difficult.
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
the permanent willingness, given to us to do what God asks of us. Seven supernatural powers given at baptism that helps us to live as Christians
the confidence that God will always be with us, make us happy now and forever, and help us to live so that we will be with him forever. The power to trust that God will give us eternal life and all the help necessary along the way
The power to respect the rights of others and give them their due.
Spirit This gift helps us to know what got asks of us and how we should respond. The gift that helps us to realize the truths of the universe.
the power that directs us toward good and helps us to choose the correct means to achieve that good. The power to decide what is good and choose accordingly.
The gift that helps us love and worship. It leads for a deep respect for God and all his people.
Right Judgment
one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which helps us seek advice and be open to the advice of others.
the power that helps us to control our attraction to pleasure so that our natural desires are kept within proper limits.
Theological virtues
those virtues given us by God and not by human effort. Powers given at Baptism that helps us direct our lives toward God.
The gift that gives insight into the truths of faith.
The gift that enable us to love the things of God.It helps us to understand the purpose and plan of God and to live in a way that helps to bring about his plan.
Wonder and awe
Gift that helps us recognize the greatness of God and our dependence on him