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  1. prime mover
  2. muscles
  3. isotonic contraction
  4. sarcomere
  5. myosin
  1. a Within a group of muscles, 1 muscle doing the most work is
  2. b Functional unit of a muscle cell; repeating units composed of myofibrils
  3. c organs that use chemical energy to contract
  4. d Muscle shortens, movement occurs, work results
  5. e thick filaments are made of __.

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  1. I bands are thick filaments and are anchored to _ _.
  2. __ and __ are 2 proteins associated with the surface of actin filaments
  3. __ covers each muscle cell fiber.
  4. An increase in the # of activated motor units within a muscle at higher intensities of stimulation
  5. 3 types of muscle in the body

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  1. neurotransmitterssynaptic vesicles store __.


  2. creatine phosphokinasetransverse tubules lie between two __.


  3. aponeuroseshelper muscles


  4. perimysium__ is the layer of connective tissue closely around each muscle.


  5. motor end plateAmount of oxygen that liver cells require to convert lactic acid to glucose, & amount that muscle cells need to resynthesize ATP & creatine phosphate


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