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  1. endomysium
  2. tendons
  3. cisternae
  4. epimysium
  5. neuromuscular junction
  1. a transverse tubules lie between two __.
  2. b __ is the layer of connective tissue closely around each muscle.
  3. c Connective tissue extends beyond ends of muscle to create __.
  4. d The site where motor neuron & muscle fiber meet
  5. e Thin layer that covers each muscle fiber

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  1. besides sarcoplasm, __ __ lies beneath the sarcolemma
  2. the endoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fiber
  3. Muscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.
  4. Layers of connective tissue that hold muscle in position; Separate 1 muscle from another & projects to form tendon
  5. If the sustained contraction lacks any relaxation, its called:

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  1. movement, support, heat production3 major muscle functions


  2. latent period__ __ accumulates as an end product of anaerobic respiration


  3. hemoglobin__ stores oxygen in muscle tissue.


  4. contractile, excitable, extensible, elastic4 properties of the muscle


  5. myosinthe m line is an area of _ only