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  1. myosin
  2. lactic acid
  3. sarcomere
  4. twitch
  5. epimysium
  1. a __ __has different uses out of muscle cells & is carried to the liver via bloodstream
  2. b Single, short contraction involving only a few motor units
  3. c Functional unit of a muscle cell; repeating units composed of myofibrils
  4. d __ is the layer of connective tissue closely around each muscle.
  5. e __ consists of 2 twisted strands with globular cross-bridges projected outwards along the strands

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  1. Within a group of muscles, 1 muscle doing the most work is
  2. the movable end of a muscle
  3. area in which sarcolemma is tightly folded; nuclei & mitochondria = abundant
  4. myofibrils play a fundamental role in __ ___.
  5. Layers of connective tissue that hold muscle in position; Separate 1 muscle from another & projects to form tendon

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  1. synergistshelper muscles


  2. threshold stimulusA muscle fiber remains unresponsive to stimulation unless the stimulation is of a certain strength


  3. crampenergy source for contraction comes from molecules of:


  4. creatine phosphateWhen ATP supply is low, __ __ promotes the synthesis of creatine phosphate


  5. musclesI bands are thick filaments and are anchored to _ _.