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  1. actin
  2. motor end plate
  3. h zone
  4. antagonists
  5. sarcoplasmic reticulum
  1. a the endoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fiber
  2. b in the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments
  3. c area in which sarcolemma is tightly folded; nuclei & mitochondria = abundant
  4. d opposing muscles
  5. e __ is a globular protein with myosin bonding sites

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  1. During rest/light activity, there's enough oxygen to support:
  2. A series of simple twitches add up to a contraction
  3. Tendons are fused to the __ of the bone.
  4. Muscle __ is achieved by a continuous state of sustained contraction
  5. The cytoplasm of the motor neuron contains __ & __ __

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  1. cisternaeThe recording of an electrically stimulated muscle contraction


  2. movement, support, heat productionMuscle contracts but doesn't shorten, no movement/work, only tension


  3. lactic acid__ __ accumulates as an end product of anaerobic respiration


  4. actinenergy source for contraction comes from molecules of:


  5. cramp_ bands are made of thick & thin filaments


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