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  1. actin
  2. origin
  3. perimysium
  4. motor end plate
  5. sarcoplasm
  1. a the cell cytoplasm of the muscle fiber
  2. b Extends inward to compartmentalize tissue into fascicles that contain muscle fibers
  3. c the muscle fiber membrane forms a:
  4. d the immovable end of a muscle
  5. e __ is a globular protein with myosin bonding sites

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  1. the endoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fiber
  2. Muscle __ is achieved by a continuous state of sustained contraction
  3. 4 properties of the muscle
  4. The recording of an electrically stimulated muscle contraction
  5. surround/separate each muscle

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  1. h zonethin filaments are made of __.


  2. endomysiumThin layer that covers each muscle fiber


  3. myosinThe recording of an electrically stimulated muscle contraction


  4. prime moverMuscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.


  5. lactic acid__ __has different uses out of muscle cells & is carried to the liver via bloodstream