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  1. latent period
  2. transverse tubules
  3. epimysium
  4. aponeuroses
  5. isotonic contraction
  1. a Muscle shortens, movement occurs, work results
  2. b invaginations of the sarcolemma
  3. c Layer of connective tissue that surrounds entire muscle
  4. d Muscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.
  5. e Time delay between when stimulus is applied & when the muscle contracts

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  1. synaptic vesicles store __.
  2. transverse tubules lie between two __.
  3. the cell cytoplasm of the muscle fiber
  4. thick filaments are made of __.
  5. Single, short contraction involving only a few motor units

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  1. endomysiumLayer of connective tissue that surrounds entire muscle


  2. tropomyosin, tropinin__ stores oxygen in muscle tissue.


  3. intercalated disksthe movable end of a muscle


  4. all-or-none responsearea in which sarcolemma is tightly folded; nuclei & mitochondria = abundant


  5. striationsA series of simple twitches add up to a contraction