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A skeletal muscle is covered by and separated from nearby muscles by connective


The layer of connective tissue most closely surrounding a skeletal muscle is called the:


The layer of connective tissue covering each muscle fiber (within the bundles of fascicles):


Connective tissue that extends inward from the Epimysium dividing the muscle tissue into compartments is called:


Myofibrils are composed primarily of:

Actin and myosin

Neurotransmitters are stored in vesicles within

Motor neuron endings (synaptic knobs)

The enzyme acetylcholinesterase causes the acetylcholine to


Creatine phosphate serves to

Supply energy for the synthesis of ATP

The amount of oxygen needed by the liver to support the conversion of lactic acid to glucose is called the

Oxygen debt

A muscle cramp is most likely due to a lack of


Athletes usually experience muscular fatigue less quickly than non-athletes because they

Produce less lactic acid

The all-or-nothing response means that

When a muscle fiber contracts, it contracts completely

The striated appearance of skeletal muscle results from the

Myofilament arrangement in a sarcomere

At the neuromuscular junction the muscle fiber membrane is folded to form a

Motor end plate

What is the function of the transverse tubules?

o To transmit a muscle action potential into the cell interior

A neuromuscular junction can be described as

o All of the above

An Aponeuroses is characterized as

A broad, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that connects muscles to muscles

A motor unit is defined as

A motor neuron and the muscle fiber it inneruates

The role of the ATP in the muscle contraction is to supply energy for

Movement of myofilaments actin and myosin

The maintenance of body temperature is related to the action of skeletal muscles because

The more active they are the more heat is released

Threshold stimulus is defined as the?

Minimal amount of stimulus required to cause a muscular contraction

The strength of a muscle contraction in response to different levels of stimulation is determined by?

The number of motor units stimulated

The union between a neuron and a muscle fiber is called the?

Neuromuscular junction

24. The smallest, functional, contractile unit of muscle is called the?


25. The protein muscle that has heads jutting out for cross binding is?


Which protein molecule comprises the thick myofilaments?


Thick myofilaments extend across the length of this section of a sarcomere?

A band

One sarcomere extends from?

Z line to Z line

Attempting to pick up object too heavy to lift result in which type of muscle contraction?


The ion needed for cross-bridging to occur is?


In the sarcoplasm of the muscle fiber are ___ that are parallel to one another; they contain the protein myofilaments myosin and actins


The cell membrane surrounding each skeletal muscle fiber is called

o Sarcolemma

Muscle that provides for most of the movement

o Prime mover

The end of the muscle that connects to a movable part


Thin actin filaments

I Band

Thick myosin with overlapping actin

A Band

Line where actin and myosin attach

Z Line

A thickening of myosin

M Line

Central region of only myosin filaments

H Zone

A recording of a muscle contraction is called


The energy used in muscle contraction is primarily supplied by the decomposition of


The characteristics striated appearance of skeletal muscle is due to the arrangement of the alternating patter of the protein myofilaments

Actin and myosin

A bundle of muscle fibers is called a


Muscle fatigue is most likely due to an accumulation of

Lactic acid

A forceful sustained muscle contraction is called


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