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  1. hack'neyed
  2. fer'ment
  3. driv'el
  4. circu'itous
  5. sedit'ious
  1. a roundabout, not direct
  2. b used so often as to lack freshness or originality
  3. c resistant to lawful authority; having the purpose of overthrowing an established government
  4. d a state of great excitement, agitation, or turbulence; to be in or work into such a state; to produce alcohol by chemical action
  5. e saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose; foolish, aimless talk or thinking; nonsense; to let saliva flow from the mouth; to utter nonsense or childish twaddle; to waste or fritter away foolishly

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  1. weariness of body or mind, lack of energy
  2. pertaining to an outlying area; local; narrow in mind or outlook, countrified in the sense of being limited and backward; of a simple, plain design that originated in the countryside; a person with a narrow point of view; a person from an outlying area; a soldier from a province or colony
  3. to violate, trespass, go beyond recognized bounds
  4. a hint, indirect suggestion, or reference (often in a derogatory sense)
  5. peevish, annoyed by trifles, easily irritated and upset

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  1. commis'erateto sympathize with, have pity or sorrow for, fare a feeling of distress


  2. call'owwithout experience; immature, not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers


  3. ex'piateto make easy, cause to progress faster


  4. nom'inalto have an intense dislike or hatred for


  5. amel'iorateto have an intense dislike or hatred for