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a joint

Ball and socket

Joint type in shoulder and hip


Synovial joint in wrist and ankle


Synovial joint that allows movement in one plane (elbow)

intervertebral disc

a flat, circular plate-like structure of fibrous cartilage that serves as a cushion or shock absorber between vertebrae


connective tissue bands that join bone to bone, offering support to the joint

pivot joint

Synovial joint w/rotation around axis (skull or radius)


immovable joint of the skull in which bones are connected by fibers without cartilage present


slightly movable joint, bones joined by fibrous cartilage

synovial joint

a freely movable joint in which the bones are connected by ligaments


movement of limb away from trunk


movement of limb toward trunk of body


movement of limb describing a circle


straightening of a limb, increasing angle formed by two bones forming a joint


bending of a limb which decreases the angle formed by two bones that form a joint, bringing bones closer to one another

plantar flexion

bending the foot downward at the ankle


rotation of forearm so that thumbs are directed medially


rotation of forearm so that thumbs are directed laterally

cardiac muscle

the type of muscle tissue found in the walls of the heart

involuntary muscle

a type of muscle tissue AKA visceral, smooth or nonstriated muscle

skeletal muscle

a name for the type muscle attached to the bones of the skeleton

smooth muscle

a type of muscle tissue AKA visceral, nonstriated or involuntary muscle

striated muscle

name for skeletal muscle tissue based on its striped appearance under the microscope

visceral muscle

another name for smooth muscle; found in the walls of hollow organs

voluntary muscle

AKA skeletal muscle; named for the fact it is consciously controlled by the nervous system

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