Integumentary System

Integumentary System consists of ____ and its ____ ___
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Langerhans cell: ____ that originated in the ___ ___ ___macrophages; red bone marrowMerkel cells detect___ sensationstouchThick Skin is found in areas where exposure to ____ is the greatest For ex. ____,_____, ____friction;(fingertips, palms, soles)Thick Skin Layers: Thin Skin layers:Thick: STRATUM basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneum, lucidum Thin: STRATUM basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneumCorneum(____): -dead ____ -Thickness varies -Continual ___ and ____ -___ formation(superficial) -keratinocytes -shedding and replacing -calleusLucidum: -contains dead ____ -Additional layer of ____ Skin of ___,___ and ___-keratinocytes -toughness -fingertips, palms, and solesGranulosum: -_____ ____ -Lipid-rich secretion that acts as ______ -____-Keratinocyte apoptosis -water repellantSpinosum: -____ ____ projections on slides -______ and _____cells-Thorn-like -Melanocytes and LangerhansBasale (____): Highly _____; new skin cell production ______ and _____cells(deep) -mitotic -Melanocytes and Merkel-_______ are Newly formed cells in the_____ ____ are slowly pushed to the surface and as they move from one layer of the epidermis to the next they accumulate more and more______ -Undergo ____ and shed-Keratinization -stratum basale -keratin -apoptosisDandruff: Excessive _____ cells shedding from the ____keratinized; scalp_______ divide and move more quickly than normal from the stratum ____ to the stratum ____ and shed prematurely-Keratinocytes -basale;corneumPsoriasis: Immature _____---> Abnormal ____--->flaky, silvery, white or red scales on skinkeratinocytes; keratinDermis: dense, irregular ___ ___ containing ___connective tissue; collagenthe dermis is embedded with ___ ___, ___, ___ and ____ ___blood vessels, nerves, glands and hair follicls2 layers of the dermis-Papillary region -reticularPapillary Region (__/__) -_____ Thin ____ and ____ fibers1/5 superficial collagen; elastic____ ____: increases surface areaDermal PapillaeDermal Papillae: Contains: -____ loops -____ corpuscle -____ ____ endings (general sensations: ___,___,____,_____)capillary; messiner free-nerve pain, tickling, itching and warmthOn palms and soles the ____ ____ lie on top of larger mounds called ____ ____ which in turn cause the overlying epidermis to form ____ ridgesdermal papillae; dermal ridges; epidermal_____ is the study of the pattern of epidermal ridgesdermatoglyphicsSweat pores open along their ___ leaving identifying films on ____ we touchcrests; everthing_____ Region: (__/__) -Attached to _____ layer, 80% of dermal thickness -Dense irregular _____ ___containing collagen and elastic fibers -Blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, nerves, sebaceous (oil) and sudoriferous (sweat) glandReticular 4/5 -subcutaneous -connective tissue_____ Region Provides strength, ____ and elasticity-Reticular; extensibilityDermal tearing can occur when the dermis is stretched to much resulting in silvery white scar called ____or stretch marksstriae_____ (oil) Glands: -Connected to ____ ____ -Secretes ____ (lipid-rich substance)Sebaceous hair follicles Sebum_____: -Prevents hair from becoming ____(makes it shiny and hydrophobic) -Inhibits growth of some ____ -Prevents ______ of hair and skin -Typically empty into a____ ____sebum brittle bacteria dehydration hair shaftAcne is an inflammation of the _____ glands.sebaceousSebaceous ducts blocked by accumulated sebum give rise to _____. If the material oxidizes and dries, it darkens to form______whiteheads; blackheads._____ (sweat) glandssudoriferousSweat glands have 3 parts:Apocrine, eccrine, cerruminousApocrine: -Located mostly in _____ layer of axilla and genitals and bearded facial regions of males -Sweat contains proteins that support ____ ____ -Stimulated by emotional stress and sexual excitement -Excreted into ____ ____ -Basis for ____ ___-subcutaneous -bacterial colonization -hair follicles -body odorEccrine: -99% Water, _______ and _____ of waste -Stimulated by _____ stress. -Can be referred to as "cold sweat" -Excreted into pores on ______ surface-thermoregulation; elimination -emotional -epidermal________: Modified to secrete _____(ear wax)Ceruminous; cerumenHair: -composed of dead, ____ ____ cellskeratinized epidermal2 main sections of the hairshaft, root-Shaft: projects ____ the skinaboveRoot -Penetrates into_____-dermisRoot: Has 3 layersmedulla, cortex, cuticle____ in medulla determine hair color-MelanocytesHair follicle: ____ layer that surrounds the hair root -Hair ____ forms new hair cellsEpithelial;matrix_____ _____ -Smooth muscle attached to the hair follicle -Contraction makes hair _____ with skin surface-Arrector Pili;perpendicular_____ ____ ____ (touch receptors): _____ each follicle and are sensitive to touchHair root plexus -surroundTypes of hairsLanugo, terminal and vellus hairs____ ____ - fine, nonpigmented, downy hairs that cover the body of the fetusLanugo hairs_____ ____ - long, coarse, heavily pigmented hairsTerminal hairs____ ____(peach fuzz)- short, fine, pale hairs barely visible to the naked eyeVellus hairsNails: -Hard, keratinized _____ cells -Nail root inserts into a fold of the skin-epidermal -Hypertrichosis -The primary characteristic of all forms of hypertrichosis is excessive ____. -Except in androgen-dependent areas (pubic, face, axillary) -Hair in hypertrichosis is usually longer than expected and may consist of ____ hair type (lanugo, vellus, or terminal). -Generalized or localized -Generalized forms of hypertrichosis result in hair growth over the entire body.-hair -any