WEX Chapter 10 Vocab

Vocab from Chapter 10 of WEX
Alfred Nobel
Created dynamite and the nobel peace prize
Aggressive nationalism set out by russia. says to protect all slavic peoples
Central powers
Germany, Russia (for a time), Austria-Hungary
GB, France, Russia
Francis Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria-Hungary
Gavrilo Princip
19 year old black hand member who assassinated FF
Black Hand
serbian terrorist group that killed F.F
Schlieffen Plan
German plan to attack and beat France quickly, then turn around and face russians.
set of final demands
to get ready for war
not being on either side of the fight
Western front
Where trench warfare took place, mostly Germany vs France
no man's land
land in between two trenches where there are craters and dead
Women's land army
edith cavell
a nurse who was killed because she was expected as being a spy
treaty of brest-litovsk
treaty that ended russian participation in WWI
woodrow wilson
President of US. Made League of NAtions
fourteen points
Woodrow's points for peace
total war
where a country focuses all its recourses and energy towards a war
spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause
horrible acts against innocent people
agreement to end fighting
David Lloyd George
british prime minister- was going to make postwar Britain
Georges Clemenceau
represented France. wanted to weaken Germany
Treaty of Versailles
Thing that blamed Germany
League of Nations
Thing created by Wilson
payments for damage done by war
territories taken by a country that will eventually get their independence when they're on their feet
hague tribunal
militarism, alliance, nationalism, imperialism, assassination
triple alliance
germany, austria-hungary, and italy