English File Intermediate - Vocabulary Bank - Dependent Prepositions

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to / for
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atlaughforward tolookforpay(me) of/aboutremindonspend moneyofafraidwith / aboutangry ________ sb _________ sthat somethinggoodfor (you)goodto (objects - physical, people - personal)closefromdifferentaboutexcitedwithbe fed upfor (her smile)famousininterestedof - to like someonebe fondon - to be really interested in somethingbe keento - nice, friendly, gentle with peoplekindto (him/her for 20 years)marriedwith - happy about somethingpleasedof - her/his great successproudto (them) impoliterudeabout something, - be anxiousworryof - fed up of somethingtired

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