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They are studying the _________. = all of the natural things in an area or the world.
The government has laws to prevent ______. = things that make air, water, soil etc dangerously dirty
global warming
Many scientists are studying ________. = the increase in world temperatures caused by large amounts of carbon dioxide around the Earth
In many countries, they ______ glass, plastic, and paper. = to put used objects or materials through a special process so that they can be used again
natural resources
The U.S. has many _________. = (2 words) things that exist in nature and can be used by people, for example oil, trees etc
California had a big _________. = a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water for plants and animals to live
The heavy rains caused __________. = when water covers the land and destroys property
Many people die of ________ every year. = suffering or death caused by lack of food
The ________ of the rainforest is very complex. = all the animals and plants in a particular area, and the way in which they are related to each other and to their environment
They grow plants in a ________. = a glass building used for growing plants that need warmth, light, and protection
The atmosphere protects us from dangerous ________. = energy in the form of heat or light that is sent out as waves that you cannot see
greenhouse effect
The ________ is causing the temperature of the earth to rise. = when gasses in the atmosphere trap radiation and heat up the planet.
Plants ________ sunlight into energy. = a process that changes one thing into another
The _________ of the earth is increasing rapidly. = the number of people in a place
The __________ of the earth is mostly nitrogen and oxygen = the mixture of gases that surrounds a planet
They studied at ________ ecosystems. = living on land rather than water
She is interested in _________ life. = living in water rather than land
The rainforest has thick ________. = plants in general
coral reef
Pollution can destroy ________. = a line of hard rocks formed by coral, found in warm sea water that is not very deep
They went to the _______. = a large area of land where it is always very dry, there are few plants, and there is a lot of sand or rocks
The ________ of the earth is slowly rising. = a measure of how hot or cold a place or thing is
That area has a lot of ________. = rain, snow etc that falls on the ground, or the amount of rain, snow etc that falls
There are many different plants and animals in a ______. = a tropical forest with tall trees that are very close together, growing in an area where it rains a lot
They live in a _______ area. = a place where the weather is very hot and wet
They saw amazing animals in the African ________. = a large flat area of grassy land, especially in Africa
They were studying the _______. = the large flat areas of land in the north of Russia, Canada etc, where it is very cold and there are no trees
She is an ________. = a person who studies the way in which plants, animals, and people are related to each other and to their environment
They are discussing the ________ of the new law on climate change. = the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something
They are exploring ________ transportation methods. = able to continue without causing damage to the environment
The storm caused _________ damage. = all over an area; happening in many places or situations, or among many people
In 1906, there was a big _______ in San Francisco. = a sudden shaking of the Earth's surface that often causes a lot of damage
The oil spill was a ________ for local wildlife. = a sudden event or accident which causes great damage or suffering
_________ is an important part of a healthy ecosystem = having many different types of plants, animals, insects, etc in an area.
When hiking it is important to stay on the _______. = a narrow dirt path for walking in nature
The ______ in that area is very poor so there is little farming. = the top layer of the earth in which plants grow
Cutting down trees can cause a lot of soil _______. = the process by which rock or soil is gradually destroyed by wind, rain, or the sea
_______ can damage the environment. = a way of getting natural gas from underground rock by pumping a liquid at high pressure into the rock to make breaks in it that allow the gas to come up
__________ is often very dangerous work. = the work or industry of getting gold, coal etc out of the earth
_________ can cause many environmental problems. = the cutting or burning down of all the trees in an area
The volcano _________. = when a volcano explodes and sends smoke, fire, and rock into the sky
natural gas
Many stoves use __________. (2 words) = a substance that is taken from under the earth or under the sea and burned to produce heat or energy
In some places people still burn _______ for energy. = a hard black mineral which is dug out of the ground and burnt to produce heat
fossil fuels
Environmentalists are trying to replace ________. (two words) = energy sources such as coal or oil that were made by decaying animals or plants over millions of years
Cars and factories produce dangerous _________. = a gas or other substance that is sent into the air
The factory _______ dangerous chemicals into the nearby river. = to let a substance flow out
Some cities have ________ plastic water bottles because they are bad for the environment. = an official order that prevents something from being used or done
Turning off lights can help _________ energy. = to use as little water, energy etc as possible so that it is not wasted
The drinking water was _________. = to make a place or substance dirty or harmful by putting something such as chemicals or poison in it
A tanker has run aground and _________ 60,000 gallons of oil into the sea. = when liquid accidentally flows over the edge of a container
They are building a new _________ to carry oil. = a large tube used for sending gas, oil etc over long distances
The process of __________ creates oxygen. = when green plants convert sunlight into energy/food
There is a lot of _________ in a rainforest. = animals and plants growing in natural conditions (i.e. not controlled by people)
There aren't many tree because of the high ________. = how far a place is above the sea
________ are studying changes in the earth's weather patterns. = scientists who study the weather
LA has a dry ________. = the typical weather conditions in a particular area
___________ are protesting the construction of a new oil pipeline.
She is an __________ scientist. = someone who studies the air, land, or water on Earth
These plants live in _________ environments. = having water that contains no salt; opposite of saltwater.
She is taking an _________ class. = the scientific study of the ocean
There need to be strict _________ to protect the environment from pollution. = official rules or order that say how, when, how much, etc something should happen
carbon dioxide
__________ is the gas produced when animals breathe out. (2 words)
_________ is the gas that animals need to breathe in.
_________ is produced in environments with little or no oxygen by bacteria that consume decomposing organic matter, such as grasses and wood = a gas that you cannot see or smell, which can be burned to give heat.
Plastic takes hundreds of years to _________. = to break down into smaller parts by a slow natural process, especially through the action of particular bacteria or fungi; similar to decay
mushrooms and mold are both ________. = a simple type of plant that has no leaves or flowers and that grows on plants or other surfaces.
_________ help break down organic materials. = very small living things, some of which cause illness or disease
There are many ________ in the U.S. = large places where people bury garbage under the ground
Rocks are not _______ matter but plants and animals are. = living, or produced by or from living things
She works for the _______. = an organization in the government that stands for the environmental protection agency
The polar ice caps are ________ because of global warming. = when solid becomes liquid
He put a cup of water out in the sun, and it ________. = when liquid changes into gas
Plants ________ nutrients from the soil. = when liquid, gas, or another substance go into another material, plant, or thing.
There are many __________ power plants in the U.S. = power created by splitting atoms
They put _________ panels on their roof. = getting power from the sun
Dams are a way of creating __________ power. = power from moving water
wind turbines
Some areas use ___________ to create power. (2 words) = a kind of large fan that is moved by air to create power

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