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raba (騾馬)

a mule

rabo (ラボ)

a (language) lab, a laboratory

rabu (ラブ)


rabugēmu (ラブ・ゲーム)

[Tennis] a love game

rabukomedī (ラブ・コメディー)

a romantic comedy

raburetā (ラブ・レター)

a love letter

rabushīn (ラブ・シーン)

a love scene

rachi ga akanai (埒があかない)

to make little progress; to be mere waste of time

rachi suru (拉致する)

to carry away, to kidnap

raden (螺鈿)

mother-of-pearl, nacre

rafu (裸婦)

a woman in the nude, a nude woman, a naked woman

rafuna (ラフな)


rafuna fukusō (ラフな服装)

casual wear

ragan (裸眼)

the naked eye

rai (来)

next, coming

rainen (来年)

next year, the coming year

raishun (来春)

next spring, the coming spring

raibaru (ライバル)

a rival

raibaruishiki (ライバル意識)


raibu (ライブ)


raibukonsāto (ライブ・コンサート)

a live concert

raichō suru (来聴する)

to attend

raichō (雷鳥)

a ptarmigan

Nyūyōkuraiden (ニューヨーク来電)

a telegram from New York

raiden (雷電)

a thunderbolt

raigetsu (来月)

next month

raigetsu no kyō (来月の今日)

this day next month

goraigō o ogamu (御来迎を拝む)

to view the sunrise

raihai (礼拝)

worship; church service

raihin (来賓)

a guest

raihinshitsu (来賓室)

a reception room

raihinseki (来賓席)

the seats for guests, [Notice] For Guests

raihō o ukeru (来訪を受ける)

to have/receive a visit

raijō suru (来場する)

to attend

raijōsha (来場者)

an attendant, [Generally] the attendance, the audience [-> 来会者]

raikaisha (来会者)

an attendant, [Generally] the attendance, the audience [-> 来場者]

raikan suru (来観する)

to visit

raikansha (来観者)

a visitor

raikō suru (来航する)

to visit

raikyaku ga aru (来客がある)

to have a visitor

raimei (雷鳴)

thunder, a thunderclap

raimugi (ライ麦)


rainā (ライナー)

[Baseball] a liner, a line drive

rainen no imagoro (来年の今頃)

about this time next year

rai-Nichi suru (来日する)

to visit Japan

Raionzu Kurabu (ライオンズ・クラブ)

the Lions Club

rairakuna (磊落な)

frank, unaffected

raireki (来歴)

one's career; an origin, a history

raisan suru (礼讃する)

to admire, to adore, to praise

raise (来世)

the next world, the other world

raishū (来週)

next week

raishū no kyō (来週の今日)

a week from today, this day week, today next week

raishū ni sonaeru (来襲に備える)

to provide against an attack/invasion

raitā (ライター)

a (cigarette) lighter

raitā no ishi (ライターの石)

a lighter flint

raito (ライト)

[Baseball] the right field; a right fielder; a light

raitoban (ライトバン)

a van, a station wagon, an estate car

raiu ga aru (雷雨がある)

to have a thunderstorm

raiu ni au (雷雨に会う)

to be caught in a thunderstorm

raiun (雷雲)

a thundercloud

rajikase (ラジカセ)

[Infml.] a boom box

rajio (ラジオ)

a radio

rajio o kakeru (ラジオをかける)

to turn on the radio

rajio o kiru (ラジオを切る)

to turn off the radio

rajiotaisō (ラジオ体操)

radio gymnastics

rajioyose (ラジオ寄席)

radio vaudeville

rajiodorama (ラジオドラマ)

radio drama

rakan (羅漢)

Buddha's disciples

raketto (ラケット)

a racket, a bat, a paddle

rakka suru (落下する)

to drop, to fall (down)

rakkan (落款)

a writer's signature, a painter's signature

rakkan no nai (落款のない)


rakkan suru (楽観する)

to have an optimistic view, to be optimistic

rakkanteki (楽観的)


rakkan o yurusanai (楽観を許さない)

Things are by no means reassuring

rakkasan (落下傘)

a parachute

rakkasanbutai (落下傘部隊)

a parachute troop, a paratroop

rakkasei (落花生)

a peanut

rakko (猟虎)

a sea otter

rakkyō (辣韮)

a shallot

raku (楽)

ease, comfort, relief

rakuna (楽な)


rakuni (楽に)

easily, with ease, without difficulty, comfortably

rakuni kurasu (楽に暮らす)

to live in comfort, to be well off

rakuni naru (楽になる)

[気が] to feel relieved, to feel relief; [生計が] to better off

rakuni suru (楽にする)

to make oneself at home, to make oneself comfortable, to relax

rakuba suru (落馬する)

to fall from a horse, to be thrown off a horse

rakuban (落盤)

a cave-in

rakuchaku suru (落着する)

to be settled, to come to a settlement, to come to an end

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