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The Transport layer uses port numbers to identify the source and destination Application-layer protocol of the data that it contains.
Route summarization can combine multiple routing table entries into a single entry.
The Transport layer is the same in both the OSI model and the TCP/IP model.
The maximum transmission unit for Ethernet is 1518 bytes.
The major disadvantage to using store-and-forward switching in a large network is that it will slow down the speed of network traffic.
Communications through a router are noticeably faster than communications through a switch.
Changing the SSID on the access point and disabling SSID broadcast is sufficient security for most wireless networks.
The Internetwork layer includes ICMP and ARP, among other protocols within the TCP/IP suite.
One of the problems that can occur in the Network layer is the incorrect configuration of a hosts IP address.
A distance-vector protocol sends updates to its neighbors that include the entire contents of its routing table.
The Transport layer deals with which unit of information?
Which of the following is not a function of the Network Access layer?
Delivers packets efficiently
In which layer does Ethernet operate?
Network Access
In which layer does a router operate?
Which protocol is responsible for determining the MAC address associated with each IP address and keeping a table of its results?
TCP establishes a connection with the destination device using which process?
Three-way Handshake
Which of the following is NOT an Application layer protocol?
After the Internetwork layer places its header on a datagram, what is the unit of information is referred to?
Which of the following is a function of the Application layer?
Data formatting and translation
Which protocol uses TCP port 21 be default?
Which protocol is used to access a Windows computer remotely using the Windows graphical user interface?
If you want a computer to be assigned the same IP address each time an address is assigned, what DHCP option should you configure?
Which of the following is the correct order of DHCP packets when a computer requests its IP address configuration?
DHCPDiscover, DHCPOffer, DHCPRequest, DHCPAck
Which of the following is a top-level domain name?
What are you likely to find in a DNS zone?
Hostname-IP Address Pairs
What type of record do you need to create so the address of your mail server can be resolved?
Which protocol is connection-oriented?
What is the first segment in the three-way handshake?
What does TCP use to provide flow control?
Window Size
Which of the following is a function of the Internetwork layer?
Deliver Packets Efficiently
An IP address consists of four octets separated by periods. Which part of this address denotes its class?
First Octet
How many host addresses are available on a Class C network?
You are the network administrator for a company that uses a private addressing scheme for its internal network. You have 300 workstations that regularly access the Internet. What process must be in operation on your network to allow all the workstations to have access to the Internet using only one public IP address?
What is the binary number system based on?
Powers of 2
Which part of a computer's IP address configuration indicates the portion of the address that specifies the network ID?
Subnet Mask
What is the decimal equivalent to the binary number 11100000?
How many bits are in an IPv6 address?
The last 64 bits of an IPv6 address are the interface identifier. What is frequently used to specify the interface identifier?
The MAC Address
What is the hexadecimal number F equal to in binary?
What is the decimal equivalent to the hexadecimal number D?
How many bits are available in an IPv6 network for creating subnets when the prefix is /48 and the host ID is 64 bits?
Which IP address is a Class C address?
Which subnetmask should you use if you want 16 bits of host address space?
If your original network address with prefix is, what should your new network address with prefix be if you need 16 subnets?
Your network address is What prefix allows you to assign 30 host addresses?
You computer's IP address is Which of the following is a valid default gateway for this address?
Which of the following is an invalid IP address/prefix to assign to a host?
When using the route command at a command prompt, which entry indicates the default route?
Network Destination Netmask
Which command displays the contents of the local DNS cache?
ipconfig /displaydns
Which layer is responsible for establishing communication setup between the source and destination computers?
Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for encryption and decryption?
Which of the following is the correct order of the layers of the OSI model from layer 1 to layer 7?
Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
What is a PDU?
It is the name given to the unit of information used by each layer.
What information would you find in the header of a Transport layer PDU?
Window Size
At each layer of the OSI model, data is appended to the original message and then sent on to the next lower layer. What is this process called?
What does the Transport layer use to make sure that a message is reassembled correctly on the receiving device?
Sequence Number
What is the IEEE standard that governs all forms of Ethernet media and interfaces?
Which is the IEEE standard that sets the standards for wireless networking?
Which layer is responsible for determining the best path a packet should travel across an internetwork?
One job that a router performs is that of gatekeeper, which means that it can be configured to only allow certain packets access into the network based on a list of rules. What is that process called?
Access Control
You are working at the help desk and you get a message that a user cannot access the Internet. You open a command prompt, ping the workstation's IP address, and get a response. You ask the user to try the Internet again. He does so with the same result— no connection. Which type of device is most likely to be the problem?
Network Layer Device
Which layer has been subdivided into the Logical Link Control sublayer and the Media Access Control sublayer?
Data Link
What layer is responsible for making sure that the data that it sends and receives is in a format that the receiving and sending computers can understand?
At what layer do NICs operate?
Data Link
Which layer is responsible for the encoding of signals?
The Transport layer segments data into smaller chunks, the size of which is determined by which of the following?
At which layer would you find errors that were caused by EMI?
Which of the following is not a true statement regarding the function of a switch?
It determines the path used based on the destination IP address.
Which of the following combinations will you find in a switching table?
MAC address/switch port number
Which of the following is the fastest switching mode?
Which switching method reads a minimum of 64 bytes of an Ethernet frame before forwarding the frame?
Which of the following is the switching protocol that is used to eliminate the possibility of switching loops?
Which of the following is not a function that would be found in a managed switch?
The ability to transfer it's switching table with neighboring switches
Each interface on a router must have an IP address and what else to be able to communicate on the network?
MAC Address
When a router's interface is configured with multiple IP addresses with each address belonging to different networks, what is it called?
Router on a stick
What type of routing protocol are RIP and RIPv2?
Distance-vector Protocol
The time it takes for all the routing tables on every router in a network to be fully updated, either when a change occurs or according to a schedule, is called the speed of what?
Which of the following is a common link-state protocol?
What command issued from a command prompt will display the routing table in Windows?
Route Print
What is an example of an EGP?
What type of hacker uses a scanning device to find unsecured wireless networks and break into those networks?
Which is the strongest form of wireless security?
What is the name of the value assigned to a routing protocol to indicate its reliability compared with other routing protocols that might be in use on the same router?
Hop Count
Which advanced feature of a NIC allows a computer to download an OS from the network instead of from a local drive?
Advanced configuration power management interface
On a router configured to use RIP, the number of routers a packet must travel between before it reaches its destination is called what? (Choose two.)
Aging Time