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Solar Systems Tides Fossils Scientific Method

solar system

8 olanets


closest to the sun


hottest planet


planet with the right conditions for human life


planet with rings


cold, dark, and now dwarf planet


planet that isn't a gas giant


planet with the Great Red Spot

Neptune and Pluto

2 planets that orbits once crossed


rise and fall of ocean water levels


caused by the pull of gravity between the Earth, moon, and sun

high tide

where the ocean bulges

daily tides

change due to the Moon's orbit around the Earth

low tides

2 in the same spot per day

4 am low tide

when is the next low tide if the low tide at 4 pm

high tides

2 in the same spot per day

3 pm low tide

when is the next low tide if the high tide is 9 am


number of hours between tides


energy that doesn't cause much pollution

body fossil

skull of a mammoth that fell into a tar pit

trace fossil

footprint of an extinct animal

deserts, tar pits, and ice

good place to find fossils due to bacteria and decomposers being unable to thrive


in order for an organism to form into a fossil

shells, skeletons, and teeth

parts of the fossil that decay slower than other parts

cast fossil

made of rock

mold fossil

ex. eggshell with no egg inside

fossil fuels

most are carbon-based because life on Earth is made from carbon

temperature and pressure

forces that can turn fossils into fossil fuels

coal, oil, natural

familiar kinds of fossil fuels


another name for the scientific method logical process

scientific method steps

recognizing a problem, drawing inferences, and testing a hypothesis


confirmed through tests


step after making observations or inferences




discovery of new evidence

biological theory

the theory of evolution that has been tested many times


changes during the experiment, ex. temperature or amount of water

testable hypothesis

a plant needs five hours of sunlight per day

re-think hypothesis

when testing a hypothesis and data doesn't support prediction/conclusion

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