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This set goes with the 3rd grade Standards of Learning for Virginia.


Which continent is Egypt located on?

Hot and Dry

What is the climate of Egypt?

The Nile River

What gave life to ancient Egypt?

Papyrus (from paper), clock, 365 day calendar

Three contributions from ancient Egypt.


The written language of ancient Egypt


The architectural contribution from ancient Egypt

The Papyrus Plant

The ancient Egyptians made paper from this

Farming and Irrigating the Nile River

The ancient Egyptians adapted to their environment by:


Moving water from a river to farm land is called


The land of Egypt is known as a ____________.

GRASSES growing by the NILE RIVER

Most of the plants in ancient Egypt were ____________ growing by the _________ ___________.


The weather and area has over an extended period of time is called its __________________.


The act of giving or doing something is called a _____________.


The rich soil left behind by the Nile River was called _________.

Mediterranean Sea

The Nile River empties into the __________________________ __________.


The Nile River did this every year. It helped give the ancient Egyptians by giving them good soil for faming.

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