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  1. Types of Salivary Glands
  2. Submandibular Gland
  3. Intrinsic Muscles
  4. Functions of the Digestive System
  5. Hard Plate
  1. a Inside of tongue, criss crossing across tongue, composed of skeletal muscles
  2. b Rough of mouth
  3. c Parotid Gland, Submadibular gland, Sublingual Gland
  4. d Ingestion, Peristalsis, Digestion mechanical, chewing, Absorption of nutrients, and Defecation of waste
  5. e Mostly secretes serous and mucous, opens near frenulum

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  1. Tearing, 1
  2. Incisors (2), Cuspids-Canine (1), Bicuspids (2), Molars (3)
  3. Grinding, 3
  4. Exocrine glands, Secretions: Mucous, Serous
  5. Behind the teeth

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  1. Total # of Deciduous TeethA total of 20


  2. Sublingual GlandMostly mucous and serous, multiple ducts at Lateral base of tongue


  3. SerousThick and sticky, sympathetic stimulation


  4. TongueThick muscular organ, located on the floor of the mouth, composed of extrinsic and intrinsic muscles


  5. Features of the MouthIncisor (2), Cuspid (1), Molar (2)