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In a ____ database such as those maintained by Access, a database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject.


A unique identifier also is called a(n) ____ key.


Each field has a data ____, which indicates what can be stored in the field.


A field with the ____ data type can store a unique sequential number that Access assigns to a record. Access will increment the number by 1 as each new record is added.

auto number

Fields whose data type is Number often require you to change the field ____, which is the storage space assigned to the field by Access.


The ____ contains a list of all the objects in the database. You use this to open an object.

navigation pane

You work on objects such as tables, forms, and reports in the Access ____ area.


____ orientation means the printout is across the height of the page.


Database ____, also known as metadata, can include such information as the file's author, title, or subject.


The simplest approach to recovery involves periodically making a copy of the database (called a ____ copy or a save copy).


When you use ____, usually you are looking for those records that satisfy some criterion.


The ____ wildcard symbol represents any individual character

question mark

Unless you specify otherwise, Access assumes that the criteria you enter involve ____.


Often you will have more than one criterion that the data for which you are searching must satisfy. This type of criterion is called a ____ criterion.


In a(n) ____ criterion, each individual criterion must be true in order for the compound criterion to be true.


If you want to create a criterion involving a range of values in a single field, you can use the ____ operator.


To order the records in a query result in a particular way, you ____ the records.


A property sheet is a window containing the various properties of the object. To omit duplicates, you will use the property sheet to change the Unique Values property from ____.

no to yes

Common delimiters include all of the following EXCEPT ____.


____ means creating groups of records that share some common characteristic.


If your criterion involves more than one field, use Filter By ____.


If your criterion for filtering is that the value in a particular field matches or does not match a certain specific value, you can use Filter By ____.


If you add a field to a table and later realize the field is in the wrong location, you can move the field. To do so, click the ____ for the field and then drag the field to the new location.

row selector

When you create a database, you define its ____; that is, you assign names and types to all the fields.


A field that can be computed from other fields is called a ____ field.

either a or b

A ____ query will delete all the records satisfying the criteria entered in the query.


An ____ query adds a group of records from one table to the end of another table.


A(n) ____ value is a value that Access will display on the screen in a particular field before the user begins adding a record.


You can use the ____ operator to specify a range of values


It is possible to include totals and other statistics at the bottom of a datasheet in a special row called the ____ row.


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