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CSI CDT: Module 1

Intorduction to Project Delivery
What are the 4 project teams?
Owner, Design, Contractor and Supplier
Describe the role of the Owner.
Establishes the design requirements, budget, and time constraints for the project. As the ultimate purchaser of installed products, the owner may have significant input on equipment and finish selections and may require information on product operation, maintenance, and warranties. (PDPG 2.2)
What are Instruments of Service?
The work product of architects and engineers that includes a seal attached to the documents. (PDPG 2.3)
List the 8 stages of a facilities life cycle.
Project conception
Project delivery methods
Construction documents
Bidding/negotiating/purchasing (procurement) Construction
Facility management
(PDPG 3.4)
What is accomplished during the Project Conception Phase?
an owner's needs and requirements are identified, preliminary studies are performed, a site is selected, and a preliminary budget and schedule are established. (PDPG 3.4.1)
List the 6 Project Delivery Methods.
Construction management
Integrated project delivery
(PDPG 3.4.2)
What are the 2 commonly recognized phases of design?
Schematic design and Design Development.
What are deliverables?
Contractually required information delivered by the design team. (PDPG 3.4.3)
Name the two major types of construction docs.
Procurement and contract documents.
Describe what happens during the Procurement Phase.
Bidding/Negotiating/Purchasing (Procurement). Stage in the facility life cycle that allows the prospective contractor to examine bidding documents, visit the site, request clarifications and interpretations, propose substitutions, and finally, prepare a bid or price for executing the work. Acceptance of the contractor's bid or negotiated sum and other conditions will result in award of contract and commencement of work. (PDPG 3.4.5)
What 3 project factors establish the quality of a project?
Extent, time and cost.
Define Extent.
The magnitude, form, function, and complexity of the project will have a direct bearing on the project delivery method and the number of participants. Generally, the greater the magnitude of the project, the greater the number of participants, the more the construction process is compounded. (PDPG 7.1.4)
Number of different methods are used for determining and stating amounts of cost or compensation within agreements. When contract is bid or negotiated, the basis of payment that will be used in the contract is clearly stated in bidding documents or request for proposal. When the contract is executed the bid or negotiated basis of payment is included in the contract. (PDPG 7.1.6)
How do the AIA, EJCDC and CSI define design as occurring?
AIA (3): schematic design, design dev, and constr. docs.
EJCDC (2): prelim design and final design (incl. const. docs)
CSI (2): Schematic and design dev.
Describe what occurs during the Schematic Design Phase.
Site plan and area relationships may be defined, the general size, shape, and massing of building elements are determined, elevations and exterior finishes established, and conceptual design criteria for structural, mechanical, and electrical systems identified. Written documents usually consist of preliminary project descriptions and preliminary cost projections. (PDPG 8.8.3)
Describe the Design Development phase.
Design development documents fix and describe the size and character of the entire project, including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. Documentation includes more precise and specific drawings, physical or electronic models, and outline specifications. (PDPG 8.8.4)
Prototype Design
Single design developed for multiple projects on different sites. Establishes a consistent project identity and purpose that is readily identified by facility users. Each project is site adapted to a particular site and requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction. Can enhance the efficiency of design, construction, and facility management stages of the project life cycle. (PDPG
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
A project delivery approach that integrates people, systems, business structures, and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction." (PDPG 7.7)
Describe UniFormat.
A uniform classification system for organizing preliminary construction information into a standard order or sequence on the basis of elements and systems. Derived from OmniClass Table 21: Elements. (PDPG
What was the basis used for OmniClass development?
Derived from internationally accepted standards developed by International Organization of Standards (ISO). (PDPG
How many divisions are there in MasterFormat?
50. Derived from OmniClass Table 22: Work Results.
What are the 4 C's of communication?
Clear, concise, correct, complete.