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Health Statistics Defininations and Formulas ch 3-6

(Census Statistics)
Inpatient Service Day

Service received by one inpatient in one 24- hour period

Total Inpatient

Sum of all inpatient service days for each of the days in the period

Daily Inpatient Census

Total number of patients treated during a 24-hour period

Service Days- Formula:
Average Daily Census

Total inpatient service days for a period(excluding newborns, divided by, Total number of days in the period

(Length of Stay)
Length of Stay (LOS)

Number of calender days from admission to discharge

Total Length of Stay

Sum of the days stay of any group of inpatientes discharged during a specific period

Formula: Average LOS

Total length of stay (discharge days), divided by,
Total number of discharges

(Bed Count)
Inpatient Bed Count

Number of available hospital beds, both occupied and vacant, on any given day

Inpatient Bed Count

Counts the presence of one inpatient bed (occupied or vacant) that is set up and staffed for use in one 24-hour period

Total Inpatient Bed Count Day

Sum of inpatient bed count days for each of the days in a period

Percentage of Occupancy

Total number of inpatient service day for a period x 100,/ divided by, Total inpatient bed count days x number of days in the period

(Bed Turnover Rate)
Direct Formula:

Total number of discharges for a period,/ divided by, Average bed count for the same period

Indirect Formula:

Percentage of occupancy x Days in the period x100, divided by, Average length of stay

NOTE: The indirect formula must be used in cases where then bed count chages during the period in question

Death (Mortality) Rate
Anestheisa Death Rates

Total number of deaths caused by an anesthetic agent x 100, /divided by, Total number of anesthetics administered

Stillbirth Rate
Fetal Death Rate

Total number of intermediate and late fetal death x 100, /divided by, Total number of births (plus intermediate and late fetal deaths)

Gross Hospital Death Rate

Total number of inpatient death (including newborns) x 100, divided by, Total number of discharges(including deaths and newborns)

Net Hospital Death Rate

Number of inpatient death(including NB) munus deaths < 48 hours of admission x 100, divided by, Total discharges (including deaths and NB. minus deaths < 48 hours)

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